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by oldpass0987 22. October 2011 01:33

I just wanted to share a few short lines, referring to the idea of “writing things down”. Its about putting down on the paper our goals, wishes, and dreams. I haven’t been an active advocate of actual act of writing it down… have been blessed with good memory, quite good organizational skills (if I want to put them into work) and mind which likes challenges and learning… So…I never believed in the need to use paper and pen…or computer to “materialize “my goals in “real” world. Holding them inside my head was good enough …that’s what I thought. I would never argue with the notion, that organized approach to life has benefits. Creating to do lists, goals with deadlines, steps of actions are very powerful, but for me ….deep down …it was boring, square in thinking, rigid in action, with not much freedom or imagination...stale reminiscent of ideas without fresh and flowing aspect… Maybe my thinking and feeling about writing down goals, wishes, plans was directly tied to the personality trait, I was trying to escape…too much planning, seriousness and control. Embracing a flow ( as I saw it….through the intuition, easiness and mindful focus) has been my choice …not without an initial heartache of letting go off the safe feeling of control….Maybe we are conditioned to believe that operating from logical mind offers more security… As it turned out…like in many other cases …the seemingly opposites attributes of flow versus control magnifies each other characteristics.. Working in the flow is much more efficient, brilliant and powerful than just trying to control the outcome 24/7…giving a trust to the more imaginative side of yourself ...operating in the blink of the eye yields better results . The days of childhood lists with carefully planned days , filled with fifteen to thirty minutes intervals are long gone…So ...I admit , planning was my “guilty pleasure”…maybe the idealist ( perfectionist ?) in me was trying to create the best day …Never lived that perfectly scheduled day of childhood and adolescent years …had other great days but not perfect or planned… In reality, by the time I had finished planning my day I was so exhausted with too much details and highly demanding expectation of every passing moment ...I would fail live it…The truth is …It was a good schedule …I would even say great …in theory...not in practice … I was writing a script for a day at the “Stepford wifes” world…perfectly looking and unbearably boring ...without one ounce of inner me, life and spirit… Saying all that…I believe I’ve painted a good picture of my personal ambiguity with writing down and planning… Fear of becoming mechanical, close minded was bigger than benefits of being well organized… Until… recently… a few months ago …casually, I have put down my goals and the way to achieve them…The truth to be told, I joined one of the spiritual sites ( for free…place where you can express yourself, meet other people, have a discussion about interesting subjects..) and there it was the section about goals and actual place to put it down in writing…Well…I though ...why not …Its matter of the fact…just tapping into my spiritual needs …What do I want to improve ? What are my goals? It didn’t take me long to come up with one subject that I felt, I could do some groundbreaking work…experiment a little…dig into this part of me…which didn’t want that …So I wrote my goals and the method I was going to achieve it ( It was more of the general sketch …because I had no idea where to start)…and …I sort of forgot about it…busy with my life the search of new “adventures”….sort of soul searching… Last couple of months, I found myself doing …a little out of the “character” things… I kept asking myself...” Why do I put myself in that situation in life ?? Obviously, I wanted it ...needed, without too much thoughts and questioning I allowed that little experiment to continue…laughing about my “silly face” and thinking “ I am just plainly too weird” to “agree” to all “peculiar experiences”…I saw the value in those actions …but the “masochistic” drive toward this type of situation was even surprising for me… Needless to say...I learned a valuable lesson about myself, happily embracing the change in me and reflecting about progress and new acquired skill (perception). Two days ago …I was in the “visiting “mood …so … I goggled the “spiritual site” (where I wrote my goals) and decided to look around… I went to My Page …opened my box…and here it was… MY Goal Box …showing a goal and asking to do exactly ...what I have been doing ….Needles to say, I had an “aha” moment ….. Convincing me to keep writing down my goals, plans and important “stuff”. I guess, writing down is more powerful than I thought…at least that’s what everybody tells us …( checked few places for info about that )…Is it your subconscious mind working on something with determination and conviction ….or the willingness of the Universe to land a hand and cooperate with your wishes…?... or something else ? Who knows? Apparently works. Just wanted to say, it’s worth trying out…not going to hurt and may even surprise you …It left me wondering about “new frontiers of the mind and Universe…who said, that there is no more land to be discovered ? There is plenty… just believe in it….

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