INFPs and Carl Jung

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More is not better and most of us grasp this idea very well… “quality versus quantity”. Though, there are occasions when more choices, possibilities, outcomes and unwritten stories offer the exhilarating abundance of life itself. It reminds me of standing at the crossroad and trying to decided to turn left or right… or maybe go straight ahead   …possibly back...or in a true rebel way…wherever heart desires... road not included ..Only direction…

  Making choices is not an easy task after all…and for some people it’s more difficult than for others. Are we so indecisive..? Completely unsure of any desirable direction? Don’t know ourselves…our likes, dislikes…? Not long ago (just for fun…well truly self probing aka self knowledge) I took the psychological test to find out …to which of sixteen groups of personalities I belong…according to Carl Jung… Actually… I took this test before (about 10 years ago) and had exactly the same results. I am an INFP …Introverted,Intuitive,Feeling,Perceiving…and quite happy about it…though, I  never fully comprehended  that my “little character coloring “ ( individuality)  is so prevalent among people like me… No…this post its not going to be all about me…my ego is still sleeping well J)  It’s about life and it’s amazing colors …and why it is so hard for certain individuals ( INFPs) to commit one-way or the other. Simply we “see” all of the colors …and don’t want to give them up…Deciding on just one or two...means leaving the rest behind…and others are too important to toss them away…

Back at the crossroads….Yes …our imagination shows us endless possibilities of different roads...paths…parallel universes with varied lives…where we exist as different equations… It’s not the inability to make a decision because we don’t know the’s the hunger for the life itself …not wanting to miss anything…idea of living in the few dimensions at once…When I was in the High school, there was a time, that I did consider perusing career in Theatre…finishing College with that focus in mind… The idea of trying so many “hats on” …living the life of different characters was very interesting and alluring…virtual reality …but with real emotions… At the end I have decided not to feed my hungry ego…which could become an out of control beast and opted to study psychology as a way of understanding emotions, helping others…and growing…

 Well…I found a group on the face book “only for INFPs” …people like me….by the way found my seventeen year old daughter in it too… To my surprise…we are all quite similar…in our emotions, thoughts and outlooks (depending on age and maturity) …so in other words…Mr. Carl Jung….the test works very well.  Most of us would never want to be…in the different category… despite …some lessons which need to be learn.  With each passing year I see it more clearly, that the childlike enthusiasm for life and the magical, infinite stories…waiting to be written will never cease to exist…in my mind and heart ... My best days are the one, when the unexpected “window’ opens and unforeseen spectacle unfolds showing new, uncharted territory…feeling alive at its best. It must be the authenticity of a living in the “now moment” paired with the idea of vast universe available to us forever…Either way…to all other INFPs there and similar characters….simply enjoy it…your ability to feel and perceive …the life force in purest form is a gift…..eventually we learn how to chose better …left or right…or maybe both sometime…not without heartaches  or second thoughts but always with the enthusiasm and hope for a new trails and chances to decide again….and again…



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