The beginning and the end

by Administrator 7. July 2011 21:50


On our journey, we will find ourselves at the crossroads with variety of people. Our life will change, influenced by those encounters.  Some of them will “hijack” our world, moving with the speed of light; a brightly shooting stars, crossing our Universe only for a very short time… leaving us with more questions than answers, faint smile and a wish to understand.

Others will want to travel with us for a bit longer…learning together, discovering and changing, until the time to say goodbye arrives.  It brings the image of the vibrant scene, full of different passengers boarding and departing the train, with one destination but many stops...

There is also a very special companion, a friend …always nearby, from beginning to the end; hardly noticeable, quiet in its wisdom and accepting without any judgment. It exists deep inside of us, in the unchanged place full of peaceful stillness. Available to us, when we need its guidance or help; our most loyal traveler. There is no need to fear the change or feel lonely on our path,  as long as we are able to connect to our center of origin… where everything is constant, with no time or space…place of the beginning and the end.


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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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