"Funny" Time 06-03

by Administrator 3. June 2011 03:10

The passage of time is one of the most “inconsistent” and “funny” futures in our lives. It speeds up or slows down as it pleases, if only….. I had a choice to chose…Yes…dream on…More of the happy, amazing hours and less of the one with a heartaches…Every one of us remembers our childhood or schooldays and  how long it took for one whole year… an eternity…On the other hand….. when my kids were young, the time was passing by so fast, that it left me with permanently puzzled expression…”Summer again…? Back to school already..? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Spring Break, Easter….End of school…?

 Refreshing the decorations on the holiday wreath, which hanged at the entry door to our house, I had a feeling …I just put them on…very recently… wondering, why were they looking  faded and old…Another year passed by…Seasons changed quickly, holidays were marching one after another…kids grew…another school year finished. All of the Moms were shaking their heads in disbelief, announcing how surprised they were to experience this speed of light calendar…We were simply breathless, trying to catch up with different decorating “themes” and “responsibilities” of celebrating important dates…That’s how I remember my kids early school years …stretching hours and minutes to the maximum, running out of time in very competitive race…to squeeze richness and abundance of life into manageable plan …according to time…

My kids are much older now …all high school and college age, they don’t require that much of my attention… I am older as well…and wiser…learned to enjoy my days at the slower pace, savoring the experiences and letting life unfold naturally, not accordingly to my forced notion of what should be done to fit the perfect image… Another school year just finished, kids are already enjoying the summer.

Friend of mine asked me “Can you believe our girls are seniors in the high school? “  We remember them in the kindergarten…not that long ago… Somehow …I am fully aware, they will graduate next year… and that time has never stopped working, moving tirelessly into the future. I see the changes in my daughter …. She is growing…but to me she is still the same….lovely, smart and amazing, a real gift… and that will never change…

What changed for me was the presence of the stillness ….deep inside of my core…quiet determination paired with easy flow …immune to a passage of time. It’s much nicer to experience life, not in the perpetual race with the ticking clock, but feeling as an eye of the storm…quietly watching the outside commotions. From the beginning of this year, I have been trying to live in the moment… consciously aware of now, fully participating and just” being” without predetermined cause of actions and reactions. I am still learning this “art of now” concept…letting go of the need to control and over think…

 One thing is for sure …time stretches considerably, when every moment is more meaningful to us…It’s not such an eye opening discovery after all…We always knew it...if only intuitively….being children ...we have done exactly that…saw the endless universe in every passing moment, full of wonder, learning experiences…eager not to lose the single minute of not being present…It was simply too exciting not to be fully engaged…soaking up life with every breath…we were hungry for more… We had lots of time then…the eternity of possibilities between sunrise and sunset…

I am very grateful and happy about my life, family and a chance to be a mom to my four kids…Over twenty years passed by very quickly, leaving lots of great memories and pictures to prove it. There were easy days and more challenging too…all of them worth happening to bring me to the place where I am now…Want to remember all of them, not wasting any moments on regrets or second guessing.

We have a choice to perceive time as the outside factor, leaving us with the feeling of one blurry year after another…or the inside peacefulness, allowing the full enjoyment of experiences and feeling of rich abundance …

As I said in the beginning …time is the “funny thing”…so capricious… It’s wiser to become good friends…after all we are all in it together …We can’t exist without time…and time doesn’t exist without us…




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"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

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