Lunar time 127th Day 05-07

by Administrator 7. May 2011 02:53

Friend of mine mentioned, that today is a full moon…things are little weird or…exactly what…? I am on the search to find out what we know, believe or assume about the full moon…

The definition states…full moon is a lunar phase that occurs when Moon is in opposition to the Sun…The hemisphere of the Moon ,which is facing the Earth is fully illuminated by the Sun and appears to be round…The lunar month is either 29 or 30 days long and full month falls on 14th or 15th of the lunar month. According to Wikipedia, traditionally the full moon is associated with insomnia, insanity or magical phenomena…

The word ‘lunatic “is derived from the word Lunar (Moon). One of the websites dedicated to full moon states, that during full moon we have more positively charged ions in the air. Ion Scientists discovered that imbalanced in the ratio between positive and negative ions has profound effect o n physical and mental well being. If you breathe a large amount of positive ions without an equal amount of negative ions you will become lethargic and in some cases sick (high positive ion concentration in the air is associated with full moon).

 Air containing more negative ions has been shown to be beneficial, without side effects. 75% of general population reacts favorably to negative ions and 25 % just opposite. In other words 75% of general population goes into different ranges of depression, while 25% becomes hyperactive. We are all affected somehow by positive ions. Research from Ion scientists from all over the world has proven, the positive charged ions are responsible for overproduction of Serotonin…which is primary cause for problems associated with emotional and physical problems…  List of physical effects is long…just to mention few…body pains, headache, dizziness, fatigue, faintness, asthma ,heart and circulatory disorders (heart attack 50% higher),slowing down in reaction time, inflammation…and more.

The psychological effects include irritation, exhaustion, apathy, anxiety, depression, insecurity, emotional unbalance…

There are other theories and speculation about full moon …People remain convinced that full moon does something….

 After all Earth surface is 80% of water, just like a human body…so human tidal effects makes sense too…Gravitational force of the moon is strong enough to cause  the tides…so it is possible to have changing gravitational effect on our glands and organs…changing our moods. The other effect include different wavelengths of lights coming from the moon…and effecting our inner pathogens…It is also possible that silvery color of moon causes some emotional reaction…( we know that different colors of light have an effect on emotional reaction).

“Fun fact”…. In Britain, the problem was apparently so widespread that they created the 1824 Lunacy Act, which stated that people were liable to go mad when the Moon was full… …

Well…its not Britain and its not 1824…so …I think I will not be excused today…for a little “madness”…

I found another interesting point of view…from research physicist and astronomer…”The earth is surrounded by an ionosphere which is quite deep, actually dwarfing the earth. Between the bottom of the ionosphere and our earth’s surface, where the ’sky’ is, it is called the ’earth to ionosphere cavity.’ This cavity can ring like a bell at certain times, although we cannot hear it. When the moon is full, that means it is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun. That means the moon and the sun are both tugging at the ionosphere via gravity. This starts the ’ringing.’ The frequency of this cycle is seven cycles a second -- exactly the same as the alpha waves in our brains.

And this is the reason some people react so much to a full moon -- they are actually reacting to the unheard ringing which is literally disturbing their brain waves.”…. I found this information quite interesting…and another one…

”NASA-supported scientists have realized that something does happen every month when the Moon passes through Earth's magnetic tail.

"Earth's magnetotail extends well beyond the orbit of the Moon and, once a month, the Moon orbits through it," says Tim Stubbs, a University of Maryland scientist working at the Goddard Space Flight Center. "This can have consequences ranging from lunar 'dust storms' to electrostatic discharges. Anyone can tell when the Moon is inside the magnetotail. Just look: "If the Moon is full, it is inside the magnetotail," says Stubbs. "The Moon enters the magnetotail three days before it is full and takes about six days to cross and exit on the other side."

Human consciousness too is made up of electrical activity – which can be measured with an electro encephalograph – and a magnetic aura or field of energy. A lot of people can feel this field of energy; for example, when you smile you can feel the field of buoyant, glowing energy extending into your aura like the energy field of a magnet. Our body has a field of energy – the aura – which is the same as the aurora or magnetic and gravitational field of the planet. We are all One, a part of the Universal Life Force; and it is natural to be aware of the greater cosmic system, which is as much a part of our consciousness as our brain is.”

I don’t know about you…guys…but I feel better…knowing that I am not complete “Nut”… just a “little one”  lol …only the  ”Moon is responsible”…seriously…my blue day feels so much better after loads of information…and explanation and speculations…did wonders to my thinking process….and  the salt lamp …I  just turned it on (one  hour ago)….in need of those negative ions…bring it on …lol…at least once, something “bad” (“negative ions”) is so “good “ for you…Enjoy your “craziness”J






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