Riding a bicycle 125th Day 05-05

by Administrator 5. May 2011 01:43

Somehow……I am back to the thoughts on the importance of balance. A little too much of a good thing ...and believe it or not we are in trouble…not enough…and we are not solving a problem, just creating different one. There is perfection to the balance…exactly right dosage of yin and yang…but who believes in existence of perfection anymore…?  It’s more of a personal perception of this utopian idea of the exact…so let’s settle for “acceptable range” and operating within its limits.

 Lately, I have been feeling like a boxer who is thrown into to the ring…against its wishes…to return some punches… No, I am not pointing a finger at anyone besides me …it’s me…or I should rather say my ego. That brings me to the heart of a thought on the balance. Competitive spirit on its own is highly desirable …in its principle, it’s out encoded survival, domination, leading to the self worth…good feeling etc. Not a bad concept …except in right dosage…too much of it and we are beginning to fight “someone else’s battle”…at the end wasting our resources and losing our personal message in the …”play games”.

Its true for so many other areas in our life…let’s say socializing…too much and you turn to a chattering box, full of motion but no substance, giving away and operating on fairly shallow level. Not enough …and a danger of prolong inner  monologue becomes quite real , closing us in our own  perception of the world…without challenging, different points of view, exchange of information, opening to the outside or connecting. We need the correct dosage of right and left … different for everyone, depending on the person or situation.

The act of self discovery, leading to establishing our healthy range of balance is lesson of a lifetime…always happening. I am not talking about careful monitoring of “correct percentage etc….more of learning the “good feeling “of just the right mixture, when we can operate at our best.

That simple truth has been known forever…but lately, as our society begins to  mature, we are rediscovering the importance of  balancing…With our feet firmly grounded, with connection to the  Earth …we reach to the Universe to expand and dream…One without another is not only difficult but truly impossible. Finding the center in our heart, opening it to the trust, love and faith and creating the bridge between two opposing elements, binding it together and allowing the energy to flow.

Simple recipe, yet the one requiring lots of practice and intuitive thinking. It’s more of the act of riding the bicycle and finding the  balance over and over again…in continuous movement through smaller and bigger adjustment with occasional falls…than static standing in one place and being afraid to breath and ….not to lose the balance… It’s our daily routine of checking the pulse of life and its effect on us…

Sometime …we refuse to acknowledge the need to rebalance, having a “great time” taking something to the limits…pushing the barrier…giving maximum attention to one aspect…I am guilty of doing that too…It may be quite exhilarating, fueled by adrenaline driving….but eventually self destructing…We were “design” …similarly to the single cell organisms, be in balance for optimum functioning.

Is it wise to perceive the balance to be so much more important than passion …? Is this point of view the result of merely the number of years on my calendar or the deeper truth?   If you would ask me the same question 20 years ago…I would answer...passion…and would find balance boring…Yes...I didn’t understand the idea of balance … in my mind, it was static, emotionless, well planned and calculated …predictable concept…missing passion ( my favorite element). Today ...I see it differently…it contains not only passion but its opposing element as well -  soulful stillness of the moment…one makes the other so much more vibrant, just by the contrast …helping me to  appreciate the richness and simplicity …all in one….








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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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