Sara (4) 122 nd Day 05-02

by Administrator 2. May 2011 03:44

She felt the sudden hit and push from the back, her brakes trying to stop the momentum …tires sliding away, against its will….suddenly the sight of the trees appeared in the front of the car…and she realized in the split of the second…she was falling…

Sara raised her head and looked at the window, half opened ....the sound of the kids playing in the courtyard reminded her of a tiny bells...She couldn’t understand a single word but felt the happy energy, vibrating with rich intensity, laughter and combustible  life...She loved kids...admiring  their simple, yet thoughtful way of looking at the world.”Humans at its purest... design” she reflected. The wonderful aroma of coffee was slowly travelling through her apartment, inviting and promising a real treat for the senses. Sara moved away her laptop and placed it on the couch, next to her. She briefly glanced at the watch...” Need to finish this chapter today” she sighted. “ cup...” She quickly got up, marched toward the kitchen, poured a fresh cup of coffee and grabbed a Madeline cookie... It was her new hobby...baking...She never had any time before, but now it was really nice to try the new things “out of the box”... She was becoming very good at it... enjoying her new domesticated site of personality. Sara was taking a little vacation or one may say time off..... The offer to write a book came unexpectedly ...not that she wasn’t tempted to do it before...but she was always so busy with her clinical work... that she was reluctant to make any commitments. She always enjoyed helping other people, busy with her counseling practice and focused on her intensive study, but secretly she  was hoping to reach more people this way...She had enough experience and data to build a comprehensive case, collaborating with her theory.

It all started about fifteen years ago ...high in the mountains...during one of the storms. She was trying to reach small town surrounded by the Rocky Mountains...Sara never forgot that night of horror, prayer and sudden conviction about her life. She was trapped in her car for couple of hours... not knowing if she will ever see anyone from her family or friends...Freezing and not able to move, Sara experienced fear and panic of unknown order to survive she had to quiet her mind, get a control of her body and find the way to reach deep into her soul, searching for the hope and faith. She wanted to scream, run away and cry... but instead...something inside, made her pray...and  then, pray some more ...until she found a peace, free of fear ... full of clarity, without any doubts. The feeling of fear was replaced by faith ...she couldn’t understand how it was possible...she was not a very religious person...Nevertheless...she felt warm, alert, convinced of the rescue...and very calm...That night, Sara had a vision of herself... watching her much older version... alive, happy, busy with a good life... surrounded by the friends .... and a man...she didn’t know... but she felt so close to... Sara couldn’t see his face ...just saw the flowers...the Lily of the Valley in his hands...long fingers holding a small bouquet....

The rest is a history...she was saved, taken to the hospital only to recover in the very short time...What  followed was not a was a feeling of correct path ...the area of psychology...relating to faith, prayer, positive emotions and beliefs...hasn’t been researched or extensively studied ..Spiritual psychology was hope to help other people, to make a difference, to move forward...

Sara walked back to the living room...finding her comfortable spot on the couch...took the laptop and started typing....the words were appearing in front of her eyes...writing its own story... the one, she was  part of....She finished the chapter...saved it and closed the program. The smiling face of her husband took the most space on the screen saver...the picture showed both of them, standing under the big umbrella...Sara was holding the lovely bouquet of flowers...Lily of the Valley...her favorite... a reminder of their first date....








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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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