Adam and Jake 118th Day 04-28

by Administrator 28. April 2011 02:43

She felt the sudden hit and push from the back, her brakes trying to stop the momentum …tires sliding away, against its will….suddenly the sight of the trees appeared in the front of the car…and she realized in the split of the second…she was falling…

 It’s been already five years since the night of the blizzard and Sara’s accident...Every time she was passing this place at the top of the mountains, Sara’s memory played it like a movie in her head... She was very lucky ...a little more to the left and her car would fall all the way to the bottom...Sara looked at the big tree, almost lovingly as she was driving by.”How funny...”She thought “Just one tree and a lifetime of difference...It’s all in a chance...or is it?” she asked the question ... knowing ...she may never find an answer. Sara looked in the back mirror checking on the Jake...her son. He just turned two and quiet moments were quite rare. He was a beautiful boy with curly light brown hair and mischievous look on his always smiling face....just like his dad...Sara smiled at the vision of Adam, her husband ...who came to her life unexpectedly and light it up like no one before .Jake was sleeping, lullabied by the motion of the moving car...holding on to his favorite bear.

Sara was following the curves of the road and slowly moving down the mountains, getting closer toward her home town. Soon, on the right, she will see the many memories...the night Adam rescued her, her first job and finally ... the day when Jake was born.  Sometime, it felt as her whole life was entangled one way or another to this small place in the middle of the Rocky Mountains .She thought of living it ...but something always brought her back as if an invisible link connected her life with this place. Sara didn’t mind...she and her husband , both loved outdoors ...hiking, fishing ,skiing and a simple, relaxed atmosphere...where life borrowed from a nature ...following changes in a natural way ...without imposed superficial feeling.

“Hello Sara” tall women in her sixties exclaimed, waving her hand in the friendly gesture. “Good Afternoon Miss Abby” Sara answered, slowing her car and coming to a complete stop. “It’s a lovely weather today...just perfect” Miss Abby smiled and looked through the side window, into the car ...” Sleeping for a change...” she noticed car seat with Jake in it. “Yes...for a short change...just getting back his energy for the rest of the day...” Sara laughed and turned around to check on him. “How is the earache...did the medicine helped a little?” Sara asked, looking at Miss Abby. “Thank feels better...still bothers me a little ...but no comparison to yesterday...” Miss Abby exclaimed. “Yes, this antibiotic works very well in the situations like will see big difference me or stop by, if it still bothers you..” Sara stated with a gentleness in her voice.” Thank you doctor for seeing me on Sunday...I was trying to wait...but pain...” Miss Abby’s face gave a big frown...” Not necessary...I am here to help...glad you called...” Sara smiled and quickly turned around alarmed by a noise from the back seat.” I’d better go...he is slowly waking up...I will see you soon Miss Abby” she said quickly and started driving... Miss Abby extended her right hand and kept on waving...

Sara’s home was not far from here, she was deliberately looking for a place close to the hospital...It was not easy to be a mom and one of the few doctors in this town...She never complained...always remembered the night she woke up in the hospital, surrounded by “strangers” ...making her feel like one of the family...Sara still recalls the exact moment, when she saw Adam for the very first time...His eyes were warm and gentle, he was looking at her with a real, heartfelt concern...then smiled ...and said “ I am glad you are all scared me for a moment... don’t do it ...again....I will stop by tomorrow to check on you...”...and he did...and the day after...and after.... They have become close friends in no time...understanding each other without the words and practically finishing each other sentences... He was the one...she had no doubts in her mind...They got married following year and she never regretted her decision. Sara was raised in the Christian home...but she was struggling with her faith...until the day of accident ...she felt as  if she  was giving another chance in life... She promised not to waste it, follow her heart and maybe one day give back...Sara was pulling toward her driveway...Adam ... sitting on the porch and sketching one of his drawing...totally immersed in his own world...His curly hair playfully falling into his eyes...She looked at him and knew, it was the best place in the world....right here, right now and forever...

To be continued



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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