Sara's World....117th day Day 04-27

by Administrator 27. April 2011 04:23

Sara was a good driver but today’s weather was simply challenging. She have decided to drive up to the mountains in the last moment…the vision of waking up to the snow covered world was impossible to resist…  She packed few things and was on her way…concentrating on the road. There was a storm coming this way...but not until later that night. Sara crossed this passage many times was a little bit more difficult during winter months but she knew how to stay safe.

She was approaching the last part of the trip…the smallest but the most demanding of her attention. Just twenty more miles and she will reach a little town …buried like a treasure in the middle of the mountains. She loved that place, where life seemed to flow effortlessly, saturated with peaceful beauty of majestic mountains. Time had a different meaning here…withdrawn from the center stage, relaxed and quietly watching your unfolding life. Sara wanted to just be …over there…without deadlines, finals and pressure. …Her last exams at the local University were very stressful and she felt, she needed to find herself, away from the noise and constant movement. She always remembered, how important it was to step away from a busy life, buzzing with activities, projects, social agenda and find that inner stillness …waiting  for her to reconnect and offer a happy, peaceful place….

Sara glanced at the watch was almost seven o’clock at night…not too late, but unfortunately getting dark by the minutes… As she started climbing the road leading to the passage at the top of the mountains, the weathers was not bad. The road was icy…but that was nothing unusual for this time of the year…”She can handle this” thought to herself. Sara moved her seat a little closer toward the front window of the car…focusing on every turn…few snowflakes started to make its way down to the ground…the engine was humming , giving the sound of the hard work, while climbing the mountains.

Now, few more snowflakes landed on the front window, quickly pushed to the sides by windshield wipers…”It’s snowing…” Sara exclaimed as she switched the blades to work with the faster frequency. She looked at the millage…fifteen more miles to her destination…The heavy snow was covering everything around…Sara continued to drive, focused even more…”One turn at the time” she reminded herself…paying careful attention to the icy road. Suddenly, she felt as the car was pushed to the left….”Its wind…and snow…” she acknowledged calmly… “Perfect…just drive and don’t think “she told herself… The wind was getting stronger with every moment, snow was being thrown against the car in angry punches…Visibility was getting worse with every passing second…”I guess …the storm arrived little earlier than expected” she thought to herself. Sara had to slow down, almost not moving at all…she couldn’t see anything in front of her car…She didn’t know if she was still on the road…Where was the road?  That’s the mistake she cannot effort to make …a little too much to the right and about ten thousand feet of descent…She reached the top of the mountains, storm showing its icy claws and scary face…pushing the car like a little toy…She wished …she could be somewhere else…wrong place at the wrong time….but that was only a childish thinking…”Even if I stop…it’s not going to change anything…just get worse…no one will find her car…for a while….She saw the white snowflakes catapulted with high intensity and smashed at her car…Everywhere was white…she was not able to see even up to one foot in front of her car…The sinking feeling of being trap and lost at the same time found her clenching the steering wheel with a great force… She put on the brake and car came to the stop…” I have to find the road, leading to the bottom….I think I am at the top…the widest part….”she was trying to be logical…The bright light from behind of her car caught her attention….she looked in the back mirror. Noticing it, growing bigger and more intense with every moment… “They don’t see me…” she sighted and started to move away…but it was too late …She felt the sudden hit and push from the back, her brakes trying to stop the momentum …tires sliding away, against its will….suddenly the sight of the trees appeared in front of the car…and she realized in the split of the second…she was falling…

To be continued…



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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