Conscious/Subconscious 107th Day 04-17

by Administrator 17. April 2011 04:01

The underlying wisdom of the world of intuition, seemingly so different from science, causal effect or the logic, puzzles and enchants us but fails to deliver the easily acceptable answer. We search for reasonable explanation in the field, perceived by us as a chaos full of mystery, synchronicity and hidden meaning. Maybe all that we really need is a shift in our consciousness…allowing us to look beyond…

 “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery – there comes the leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why “Einstein on Synchronicity.

According to the information from The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton subconscious mind can process 20 000 000 bits of info per second. Conscious can only process 40 bits of info/sec…that means subconscious is 500 000 faster than conscious…Another study suggest subconscious process 40 billion bits of info per second and the impulses travel at the sped of 100 000 mph…compare to conscious 2000 bits /sec. and 100-150 mph.

Our conscious part of the brain is where we make decisions…that’s what is believed to makes us human…consciously being  able to choose…Subconscious part of the brain is where we hold beliefs, attitudes, perception, habits. To change something in long term range …according to psychologist we need to tap into subconscious part of the brain. Let’s say you want to change your attitude about something…ex. to be positive…in your perception of life… You need to decide consciously about this goal…but put it into subconscious part of the brain by visualization, affirmation, meditation or hypnosis. The repetition must be done daily for at least 30 days…that’s what we need to form the habit…

There is one very interesting term used by Michaly Csikszentmehalyi  called “flow”. It is understood as a mental state of operations, when the person is fully immersed in the feeling of energized focus and full involvement. It is a way of fully harnessing emotions in the process of performing and learning. In the flow emotions are not just contained and channeled but positive, energized and aligned with the task. The depression or anxiety takes you away from the flow as far as it is possible…The hallmark of the flow is experiencing spontaneous joy…even rapture…while performing a task…

Today, I had my usual ballroom dancing lesson ( love ballroom)…and my very patient and talented  teacher- Enzo, after listening to my self imposed questions  about  the best way to learn… conscious versus subconscious….analytical or involving feelings….  suggested  to express my thoughts in  my writings…

I am aware, I have a logical and analytical mind, which  can grasp quite few concepts or ideas about movement in the dance…( my conscious part of the brain)…yet …this unknown factor of intuition ( or maybe call it subconscious) …is able to perform tasks much better … without obvious learning or control….How is it possible ?? How to learn to tap to this part of yourself …anytime we consciously wish for…? Can we have a control over it?

 In the past …there were moments, when I danced …I guess, you can call it to be in the flow…and everything came  together ,felt as a perfect harmony…giving joy and exhilaration to the movement traveling on  the optimal path… The sensation came out of nowhere…and spread to every part of my body and mind…

 It’s a journey …learning to dance…not only in acquiring new skills and ways for better self expression but in discovering how our amazing body works…involving not merely muscles but … the brain… Question remains …what are the smartest ways in using our brain to help us to learn faster, better….I will experiment … try different approaches…and have fun while learning …maybe will come back with some answers…

As of today…trust your intuition (subconscious) …working at the speed of 100 000 mph…pretty impressive….



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