Dream 93rd Day 04-03

by Administrator 3. April 2011 23:24

The long stretch of people coming in, leaving and walking by, seemed not real at all. The police officers were busy.... Marie felt as if she was watching a foreign movie…she saw all the people and heard their conversations but couldn’t understand anything. The facial expressions, language and all movement around her were in the slow motion with a muted sound. She could hear her own heartbeat and heavy breathing, taking the center stage in this bizarre “theatre”. After a while all the commotion stopped and she found herself in a faraway place… where time didn’t exist anymore. Marie saw Nathan coming back in, and leading her to the bedroom…she understood that he wanted her to rest…Yes, she needed it…

Marie opened her eyes…it was a bright day…with no sign of the rain. She remembered what has happened, sighted heavily, turned on her back and looked at the fan above her head. She examined the intricate woodwork of it and then reached to her pocket to see what was making her feel a little uncomfortable. It was USB flash drive…she kept staring at it, trying to decide where did it come from….Marie remembered putting it in her pocket, after accidently finding  it in her dad’s bathroom. She was holding it in her hands, turning it around …all of sudden she could hear Nathan’s voice in her head…asking her “Did he find anything?” Maybe that’s what he was looking for…that man…who attacked her… What could be so valuable on it….that would make someone want to break to her home…trying to steal it…?

“Are you awake?” Nathan was standing in her bedroom…looking as if he didn’t sleep at all. Marie didn’t answer, just kept staring at the flash drive. “What is it? “He asked sitting next to her. “ I found it yesterday …in my dad’s bathroom…in the medicine cabinet…and I assumed he just forgot…and put it there by mistake…but now…I don’t know…Do you think …that man…dead one….was maybe looking for that?” she finished the long thought and glazed at the Nathan. His face was intensely focused on the flash drive ….he reached for it and after examining it, looked at the Marie…” It is possible…who knows..? Need to show it to the police” he stated firmly. Nathan touched her hand and squeezed it hard…” maybe it’s important …I will call the police right away “and he walked out of the room.

Marie closed her eyes for a moment…she was glad Nathan was here with her…so helpful…yes…almost, as if he knew yesterday …about the man looking for something…. Marie opened her eyes, feeling wide awake…he knew…?? She sneaked out of the bed, walked toward the door from where she could hear him talking on the phone.

“ Yes, I have it here with me…I believe they didn’t get their hands on it….no…she doesn’t suspect anything…I will take care of it…I will bring it to you  Mr. Hammersmith …yes sir…see you soon…” Marie felt as the whole world collapsed right now…she heard Nathans footsteps …so she run toward the bed, jumped in, closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Nathan sat down on the bed and touched her cheek….” Are you sleeping Marie?” he asked tenderly. She wanted to scream but just muttered few worlds…as if she was sleeping. “I just called the police and they asked me to take it to them…I will be back as soon as I can…rest…I love you” he exclaimed and kissed her. Marie heard him leaving the house, counted to ten, and jumped out of the bed and run to the bathroom. She looked into the mirror, facing her desperate and confuse face…” What is happening…what is happening…? He is one of them….I have to go to the police before he comes back…” she thought. Marie turned around and walked into her closet grabbing some clothes and dressing up…” Where is my purse…and telephone…?” she looked around, then remembered, she left it in the kitchen. She run toward the kitchen, got her keys and the purse…then quickly left the house.

She opened the garage, put her shaking hands on the steering wheel, checked the back mirror and drove into the street.” Where to…? Where is the closest police station…? She was trying to remember. “Maybe I should just call them…No…I need to tell them everything in person…” she decided as she started to drive down the street. Thousand thoughts were crossing her mind at this moment…she wanted to shout and cry “Why?” ….” Nathan..???” Suddenly she heard the loud noise and she saw the air bag covering her face …car swinged to the left …she was hit…Someone opened the door and asked her “ Are you all right ?...You came out of nowhere and didn’t stop at the sign…” Marie looked to her left …the man  was standing next to her…he was about thirty years old with visible receding hair line…his eyes were having the freezing quality to them…” Yes, I think I am all right….but it’s an emergency I have to get to police station right away…” she exclaimed frantically… The man watched her for a moment and then almost smiled a little…” I will be happy to help you…come with me…I will drive you there…” he proclaimed as he took her by her hand and open the door to his car…



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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