Geotronics 92nd Day 04-02

by Administrator 2. April 2011 03:45


Nathan was watching closely all activities related to Jim. That rainy morning, when Jim erased a lot of his files and cleaned out his desk, he knew something was not right. He checked the status of Jim’s account with an initial large deposit of money…but nothing changed…it looked as they still had some time. According to Jim, the project was about to be finished but to be on the safe side Nathan ordered increased security. The problem with security in Geotronics was that people were not use to high profile projects …this one was unusual for them…giving them a chance to prove themselves…

Most of the employees worked there for number of years and knew each other quite well, having social interactions outside of work area. All of this was making it more difficult to enforce the strict security….  They were watching Jim very closely, but they were not sure if he was able to take any data outside of the building…in the age of virtual communication…it was extra challenging. Nathan could stop everything right now …he had enough proof to show Jim’s cooperation with someone from outside ….but he wanted to know who was it…trying to steal the newest and most advanced technology…Nathan should have ordered  to follow Jim on this rainy afternoon… he was blaming himself…Jim insisted the project needed more time to be finished….

When he called Marie and found out Jim didn’t make it home, he instantly knew something was wrong. Nathan called his boss Mr. Hammersmith, informing him of the situation and both decided it would be the best to keep a close watch on Marie… Nathan was happy to be there for her…he came to care for her a lot…at least…Feeling guilty about lying and pretending to work somewhere else and afraid of losing her…She never questioned his story, trusting him completely …it would devastate her. She was much better now, but still very fragile after her mother’s death. Nathan knew she had nothing to do with Jim’s situation…not aware of anything…busy with her painting and working at the gallery. He wished they could have met differently and have their relationship taken out of this equation …but it was too late…. Their friendship gave him a chance for a closer control on Jim’s situation…  

 After telephone conversation with Marie, he decided to drive to her house right away…he heard in her voice how upset she was …and wanted to help …and be there in case… He tried to look in the house for any discs or something Jim could use to take the valuable program out of the building…but found nothing. Marie was very upset and he felt sorry for her, anticipating something more serious than car accident…Nathan decided to spend the night at Marie’s house…it will be safer for her this way…also he needed to call his employer and bring few of the personal items.

 He wasn’t gone for a long time …maybe about thirty minutes…but he noticed right away the black BMW car parked across the street. He felt his heart beginning to race, took his gun and started approaching the house acutely aware of the surroundings, expecting to see someone at any moment. At the same time he heard Marie’s scream… he run toward the door and opened it just to see Marie running toward him and someone from behind following with the hand in the air and pointing …what he assumed gun.  Nathan aimed and shot at the man, without moment of the hesitation… Marie was trying to run upstairs…she didn’t recognize him in the darkness. He stopped her and signaled to wait…went to check this man, dressed  in black. He was tall and well build  in his thirties …lying in the middle of the hall…dead.  Holding a gun in his right hand…bleeding from the side of his head…

Nathan looked at the Marie, making sure she was not hurt and took her away to the other room…She was shaking and looking scared but fully aware of what happened. Nathan went back to the hall and checked the pockets of the man lying on the floor…they were empty…He either didn’t find it or didn’t come to look for it…maybe he came to hurt Marie….Nathan felt anger and resentment toward Jim  for putting Marie in this circumstances. He picked up the phone and called his boss first and then police…then he walked back to family room , where Marie was sitting on the couch and asked “Did he find anything” examining her face with intensity.. She stared at him, giving a surprised expression…” He was obviously looking for something…it’s not usual burglary...” he explained himself… She looked lost and terrified…Nathan wanted to make her feel better…safe…he was worried about her…didn’t know what kind of people he is dealing with…obviously ready for anything…he hugged her a little closer, feeling her body trembling…”You are safe now….everything will be all right..”…he hoped for…but he knew, she won’t be until he will find those people…and hopefully her father… Nathan looked at his watch …few more hours till the morning, he needs to talk to the police, explain everything and fulfill his job obligation…making sure the program was not compromise… It’s a good chance, they don’t have it yet…otherwise they wouldn’t be snooping around here…



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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