Nathan 91st Day 04-01

by Administrator 1. April 2011 02:09

Nathan walked to the outside and showed his ID to the chief police officer identifying him as a head of security at Geotronics.  He briefly stated what has happened and asked for a discretion….much needed in this case. His boss Mr. Hammersmith already made a few calls and was promised privacy as long as it will be possible. Nathan was working for this company for about five years but none of the regular employees were aware of his existence. He started as a regular investigator at the security but quickly graduated to a more prestigious position, finally becoming the head of the security last year.

 When this important project on earth quakes started and a couple of new faces were hired, Nathan took personal interest in watching over it. Initially he didn’t classify Jim as a “red code”…he seemed to be clean …losing his wife and raising his only daughter. Then one day, it was brought to his attention by the member of his staff, the peculiar new account in his name and a substantial amount of money being deposited. Nathan decided to take a closer look and step in himself. The perfect occasion presented itself when Jim invited a lot of coworkers to the opening of the art gallery, managed by his daughter. It was a very neutral place…anybody could be there and that’s when Nathan made a move.

 He stopped by the gallery, pretending to be interested in art…examining paintings but watching Jim intensely for any sign of the contact with anyone suspicious. He was one of the last to leave the place...trying to spot something unusual that evening but nothing was out of ordinary. Nathan was about to exit, when the pretty young woman with carelessly loose, long light brown hair and beautiful green eyes asked “Did you like any of the paintings? I saw you examining them intensely… most of the work is done by a young and not very well known artists…but in my opinion…very promising...” she smiled and extended her hand  “ My name is Marie …I help a little…at the gallery…”. Nathan knew instantly it was Jim’s daughter…but he couldn’t help just to walk away…which was the expected procedure in the situation like that. “I am Nathan” he introduced himself ….” I have to admit …don’t know much about the art but I like to visit galleries…it helps me escape the reality of everyday…and wonder...a little…” he smiled at her noticing the colorful speckles of blue and green in her eyes. Marie nodded her head with understanding and proclaimed with a thoughtful look “ I know…I feel the same ...Its a different world…you can lose yourself here……Which painting is your favorite in this gallery?” she asked, tilting her head to the right and slightly smiling. Nathan spend here almost two hours …moving along the walls and pretending to watch the art with interest….there was one painting, that caught his eye …it was a women standing with her back to the observer and facing the fields full of wild flowers …holding in her hand bunch of poppy seed flowers…The wind was playfully caressing her long hair and she was looking far away into the distance…. It was something so fresh, innocent and nostalgically sad about this painting…that made him want to  ….stop, feel the breeze of a summer day and hold her hand… “This one” he pointed to the painting with a woman. Marie turned around and started walking toward the painting …” Why do you like it?” she asked with curiosity. Nathan looked at her face …the delicate features accentuated the airy feeling to her personality…she was beautiful in the very natural way … “I just think it’s beautiful “he exclaimed...looking at her. Marie smiled…and then glanced at him saying “Yes…I like this one very much…”

“Marie! “the woman in the long black dress called.  “Can you excuse me for a moment?” Marie asked and walked away toward the group of a people engaged in the conversation. Nathan watched her moving through the room…in the combination of casual and etheric way…It was difficult to describe …how he felt but he wanted to keep on talking and looking at her …  sensing an invisible connection between them… He knew better not to do it….he needs to leave now…the work and private life don’t mix together well…He was forcing himself to move toward the door, almost completely forgetting what was his mission here…He noticed Jim in the same group of people as Maria …gesturing and then giving her a hug… Nathan decided to leave…making its way toward exit in unhurried manner…he was about to open the door, when he heard her voice behind him “Nathan! Wait …” he turned around surprised. Maria pointed at him and shouted “One moment …can you wait...?” and she disappeared in the back. 

 She came back in a few minutes holding something in her hands…it was a painting loosely covered in the paper…”What is it?” Nathan asked. “It’s something for you…” she answered. “You will like it…I promise…” she smiled, lighting her eyes. “ I can’t accept it …We don’t know each other….”  “It needed a good home…please do it for me…” she pleaded. The group of people stopped talking and turned around to look at two of them. Nathan didn’t want to draw so much attention to himself. He took the painting in his hands, smiled and said sincerely “Thank you very much…I will stop by again…” “Anytime …please…It will be my pleasure” Marie exclaimed with conviction.  Nathan left the gallery and walked to his car. He took the paper of the painting revealing the one he admired in the gallery…woman with a field of poppy seed flowers….he read the artist signature at the lower right corner… “Marie”….



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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