The darkness within 89th Day 03-30

by Administrator 30. March 2011 04:12

Marie opened her eyes and saw the worried look on Nathan’s face. “A little better…your headache…?” he asked in the concern voice. She blinked her eyes few times, still afraid to move her head. The sound of the rain was slowing down and changing to the gentle whisper. Marie looked at the large clock; examining its hands….it must be already past the midnight. She turned her eyes toward Nathan, took a long look at him and exclaimed clearly “It will be better for you to go home…you need to work tomorrow “. “ I am staying with you...I will call in sick…just need to get a fresh change of clothes… “He answered with conviction. Marie nodded in agreement and spoke in a soft voice “Thank you”. “Do you think you will be all right by yourself for a little bit, while I get my clothes?” Nathan asked. “My headache is better now…you can go “she encouraged him.  “It won’t be long “he assured her and after a short pause got up, touched her hand and walked out of the living room.

 She could hear his footsteps throughout the house, leading toward the front door and the sound of opening and closing the main entry.  The reality of the situation felt acutely painful…Marie couldn’t hold it inside anymore. She felt her eyes filling up with tears and making everything blurry, forcing its way down her face in the stream of wet sorrow. She let it out… easing the tense sensation in her throat and shoulders. Marie got up and slowly walked to her bathroom to get a tissue. Her face was all red and wet….with large green eyes, showing sadness. Reached for a tissue, dried her face …deciding to freshen up with a cold water. Splashed  it on few times, feeling more awake and pat it dry with a hand towel …. All of a sudden, noticing open drawers …and cabinets containing different cosmetics…scattered around in a disorganized manner…as if someone left it in the hurry….She didn’t remember such a mess ....maybe Nathan was looking for something….

Marie felt exhausted… looked at her bed and decided to lie down for a few minutes. Closed her eyes and begin to drift to sleep…She thought there was a faint sound of a door being open…” Its Nathan…he is back…” she sighted, trying to open her eyes and expecting to hear him walking to the bedroom at any moment.

 She was awoken by the loud sound coming from the kitchen “Nathan is everything all right?”  She called out. There was no answer. “Nathan???” she repeated. “Dad …? Is it you…?” she raised her voice. No one responded…she got up quickly and started walking toward the kitchen, searching for someone…There was no sign of anybody…but …the house looked, as if tornado went through it…books and papers all around the floor, all drawers in the kitchen open with utensils and gadgets in an intricate mess…..She kept walking, trying to comprehend what was happening. In the living room all pillows and cushions on the floor…the magazines thrown from the shelfs… little ornamental boxes, empty and turned upside down. Marie heard the noise to her left, coming out of her dad’s bedroom….she instinctively froze…feeling her heart beating very fast….”Dad….Nathan…” she screamed. The suspicious sound turned to a sudden silence with no reply….She felt scared …turned around and run into the kitchen… to look for something she can use to protect herself. There was a butcher knife to the right of her…she was about to reach it…when she felt someone standing directly behind her…she looked back and was thrown against the cabinets with great force… In front of her was a man, dressed in dark clothes with his face completely covered. She tried to run but he grabbed her and twisted her arms, pulling them to the back…she could hear his heavy breathing…She let out the sound and started screaming…”Nathan…Dad… help…help!!!”  He covered her mouth, in attempt to silence her. She was fighting him off …felt something cold at the tip of her fingers … picked it up and swinged it …aiming at his head… He responded with a painful scream and let go off her …she started running without any direction…just to notice the entry door in front of her …. Marie was very close, almost touching the doorknob, when the door opened and the dark silhouette of another man suddenly appeared. She cried in despair, looked back and saw the man from the kitchen, holding his head, walking toward her.  She heard the shots and dropped to the floor …not sure if she was hurt…raised her head, got up and started running toward the upstairs…when she heard Nathan’s voice…”Marie …it’s me stop…wait….!!!”  She stopped, paralyzed by the unexpected sound … her eyes focused on the man close to the front door….It was Nathan…. She turned back…slowly walking toward him…He pointed at her and made her stop … …She obeyed instantly….Nathan was holding gun and walking toward the dark area in the middle of the hall….which appeared to be a body of another man…dressed in black with covered face….Nathan kneel down and check the pulse…then exclaimed “He is dead..”  Marie started walking down the hall….feeling as if it’s not real…. “Don’t come any closer…” he stopped her again…” We have to call the police”….”Are you all right?” he asked looking at her face. Marie was trying to say a word …but she couldn’t….she felt her body shaking…. She nodded and started to cry……couldn’t understand what was happening…..she just wanted her father …here, in the house…as it’s always been…. Nathan led her to the couch in the family room and she heard him talking on the phone…. He came in and asked…”Did he find anything?” Marie looked up with the puzzled expression…”He was obviously looking for something…it’s not usual burglary” Nathan explained.  “I don’t think so….I really don’t know….what he was looking for…” Marie whispered in the exhausted tone of the voice…Nathan walked toward her, sit down and reached with his arms….holding her close to him. “You are safe now….everything will be all right…”




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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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