Marie 87th Day 03-28

by Administrator 28. March 2011 03:22

It was raining; she closed her eyes trying to listen to the rhythmical sound of drumming…the unexpected thunder startled her. Marie walked to the window, watching the heavy drops off the water plummeting to the ground…” Where is he?” she was beginning to worry ….Her father should be at home for at least, two past hours.  She looked anxiously at the telephone but the light indicating new messages was dark. Marie moved through the house, coming to the front door and hoping to see her father to walk in, at any moment. Another thunder shook the air, not too far from the house…suddenly she felt a little bit cold…The darkness and silence of the old house was making her feel even lonelier …

 There must be a logical explanation…she was trying to calm her nerves…his phone is out of the batteries …or he is in the traffic…nothing bad…could of happen …he is a very good driver…Marie was beginning to feel more nervous with every passing moment. She looked at the clock again…which seemed to stop on number nine…The sharp sound of the phone cut into the heavy silence, she leaped forward grabbing the receiver  ...” Hello…Is this you dad?” she exclaimed anxiously.

 “No, its Nathan…I was just calling you, to make sure you are all right…it’s raining pretty badly today...Where is your dad? “He asked.  “I don’t know …he didn’t come home after work…it’s not like him, not to call or let me know, when he will be late” she explained  in the  worried voice. There was a moment of the silence on the other side...” Hello…are you still there...Nathan?”  “ Yes...yes, I am here…I am sure everything is fine…maybe he got delayed somewhere…its bad weather… Do you want me to come over?”  He asked in the concern tone of the voice.  Marie took a deep breath in…she needed him to be next to her …but she didn’t want him to drive in all this rain…It was childish…she will be all right…” No…it won’t be necessary ….I am sure, he will be here at any moment…” she finished with the slight pause.  “Call me if he is not at home in an hour “Nathan stated decisively.  “I will….” Marie hung up the phone and had a distinctive feeling, something was not right.

She was trying to remember today’s morning, recalling  anything unusual … It was a day like every other one …Her dad made a big pot of coffee and read the latest news on his computer…Marie asked him if he wanted  anything for breakfast and he replied like for the last five years, since Mom was gone…” No …thank you...It’s too early for me…but, have some …...”  Packed his computer, kissed her goodbye and winked at her saying “Be good”….and then, was gone…

Marie saw the lights in the front of the house…” Thank God …finally he is back” she raced to the front door and opened it impatiently…  It was Nathan in his dark navy Toyota… “He is not back yet…isn’t he..?”  He pointed toward an empty driveway, except for his car… “No… not yet… “Marie felt, as if she wanted to cry…but stopped herself, trying to stay composed. Nathan closed the front door and came to the family room, following Marie.

 He was tall, slim looking man in his twenties with a concentrated look on his face and dark piercing eyes. Marie liked his intensity, the way he explained things with his eyes full of intelligence and passion. She couldn’t help not to like him…he reminded her of her father…both of them had the curiosity paired with an excitement and hunger for knowledge. Nathan was the physicist, working in research and development in private sector. They couldn’t be any more different…yet strangely they understood each other very well.  Marie was an art major and worked at the gallery; close by…she was helping her friend to run the business, which gave her the flexibility to work on her paintings…

“We have to start calling all of his friends and people he knows…” Nathan looked at her, trying to conceive his worried voice.  Marie turned around and without a word walked up to her computer.  She knew his e-mail account and the …password…

They started calling, with the closest friends first and moving toward business associates. Couple of people didn’t answer their phones, but most of them, did. Almost no  one saw or talked to Jim today…one of his coworkers remembered him, leaving the work around five o’clock.  Marie was thankful for Nathan’s idea to call everybody…action helped her to feel less nervous and gave her a sense, that she was doing something useful. She heard the sound of the car on the outside and rushed to the window…but it was only one of her neighbors. Marie sighted heavily, trying to swallow the big lump in her throat…she was breathing fast, her ribcage moving rhythmically  in a serious of a shallow movements…Holding off the stream of the tears forcing its way to her eyes, she reminded herself  of the need to be in control without any panic. “That’s the last thing her dad needs right now…she must think clearly and not let emotions take the best out of her” she though in a surprisingly logical way.

“If he is not going to come home tonight…how long …before we can file missing person report?” she asked, feeling her voice dangerously trembling… “I believe its 24 hours” Nathan answered, looking at Marie and trying to “read” her emotional state.  “In the meantime…let’s start calling all the hospitals in the area” he said, with a serious tone of the voice.

Both of them started calling hospitals in the closest area and then, all around the city …but no luck…he was not admitted… They had a difficult time…finding out…some of the people, wanted to know bunch of information to prove, they were an immediate family…

It was nearly a midnight and there was no word or sign from Jim….Marie felt a pounding headache, refusing to go away and forcing its way to her consciousness…She went to the bathroom, opened a medicine cabinet and started looking for Tylenol. She found an empty bottle…the headache was increasing, making her feel nauseous… She remembered, there should be another bottle of Tylenol in her father’s bathroom. She walked to his room…trying not to cry, smelling the familiar scent of his aftershave…  Opened the medicine cabinet and found the bottle of the Tylenol…took couple of pills put it back on the shelf…noticing the small USB flash drive in the back …Marie reached for it and after a moment of examination, put it in her pocket….Jim was brilliant computer programmer …but acutely absentminded…he must of forget it… She closed the cabinet and walked back to the kitchen… Took a sip of water, swallowing the pills…

‘Where are you Marie?” Nathan walked into the kitchen …holding the phone and looking tired.  “I have a headache…need to rest for few minutes…it’s not going away” she exclaimed.  “Do you need to take something?” Nathan asked. “I just did…have to sit down for few minutes…it will go away faster...” she said and moved to the living room, sitting on the couch and closing her eyes for a moment….The pulsating sensation of the pain on the sides of her head was easing a little….Marie wanted to wake up from this horrible dream…she almost convinced herself, that if she would count to ten and open her eyes…everything will be back to normal…one, two, three, four…..she was counting…..



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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