The Beach House 71 st Day 03-12

by Administrator 12. March 2011 06:49

  Mia liked to take a long walks on the beach…the sound of the ocean reminded her of breathing. The entity full of life was expressing its existence with every wave crushing at the shore…in the continuous relationship between water and land. She was walking slowly, letting ocean to caress her steps and feeling sand, giving itself away from underneath her feet. The line between beach and ocean seemed to be changing all the time… one becoming the other in a rhythmic dance of peaceful coexistence. The gentle wind was playing with Mia’s hair; she brushed it softly from her eyes. Every now and then, she would find an interesting shell…pick it up with a smile and add to her collection. It always amused her to watch impermanence of her footprints…existing only for a little while… Mia didn’t feel bounded by the time….future and present seemed to exist simultaneously with the history disappearing with each passing step. There was something magical with the feeling of simply being and observing …apart from the observer.

The beach was becoming empty …” Must be getting late “she realized. It was very easy to lose the track of time….she must start making her way home.  Today was an important day for Adam…he finished his project and planned celebrating with a couple of friends from work. Her younger brother was an architect …very young and talented at the same time.  Mia didn’t like wild and loud parties but she agreed to be a gracious host for a weekend. She was his big sister and since her mom passed away, Mia felt responsible to take care of him. Adam was an intelligent young man, brilliant designer but with full capacity of getting lost in his own room…He would forget things, lose them and generally be oblivious to regular, everyday life. His genius was in his remarkable imagination and ability to notice smallest details.

As she started approaching the house, the voices were getting louder…She heard the music and someone singing in a low voice …Party was in the full force…she will try to slip quietly to her room… “Hello Mia…” The tall young man with a bright eyes and a jovial smile opened his arms in a welcoming gesture, giving her a big hug. “   Everybody….Let me introduce my wonderful sister Mia” he exclaimed with a pride.  “She is the one, who organized everything for us…” he looked around the room and started clapping... Couple of his friends joined in and others were shouting “Thank you”…  “Pleasure is all mine…have a great time”  “Mia said it with a smile and started walking toward her room.  “Wait, wait…you need to have a drink with us” the man in a white, casually unbuttoned shirt, followed her holding two shot glasses. “I don’t drink much “Mia stated “Just one shot…that’s not much...please…” he pleaded.  She didn’t want to be rude but judging from everyone’s look …they had more than few drinks before she arrived…” Just one “ she smiled agreeably and took a small shot of glass in her hand.  “My name is Paul” the man introduced himself    “Cheers”   Mia raised her glass and looked at the man “To the success of the finished project” she added, “To your brother and you for being so hospitable!”  Paul raised his glass and they both finished it in a matter of the seconds. “Pleasure meeting you Paul…” Mia handed him an empty shot glass and turned back to go to her room. “Why so fast…don’t you want to stay for a while? He asked.  “I am really tired...had a long day” she apologized. “Adam …tells me that you are the doctor…? “He looked at her with interest “Yes …I am “Mia answered with a pause…” Are you working anywhere close by…that’s a nice area…like being on vacation all the time”   he asked. “No, I…don’t work around here…actually ...Taking a vacation...” she looked down and then exclaimed with conviction “Please, excuse me…I have to leave”. Mia started walking toward her room, leaving behind the painful reminder of her prolonged stay at the beach house. She was not ready to talk about it with anybody…especially the strangers…Needed more time…to be by herself…The painful headache was coming back with surprising intensity…she walked to the medicine cabinet and took her pain medication… “It should help a little” … she thought and sat on the bed, looking through the window …the site of the ocean was making her relaxed…

To be continue…




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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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