The Campfire 63rd Day 03-04

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         The Campfire                                                               

The group of young girls gathered around the campfire, watching the dance of warmth, colors and energy. The crackling noise was soothing them before sleep…Their faces lighted by the fire, looked beautiful and peaceful, expressing thoughtful reflections and anticipation of magic. “Let’s tell some stories “Lisa exclaimed with an excitement. “Yes...let’s do it…good idea” the other girls agreed without hesitation. “You go first!” the tall girl with straight brown hair, gesture with a nod, looking directly at Lisa. “I don’t know any stories “…Lisa protested quietly… “Anything….It was your idea “the girl sitting on her left side introduced the logical argument… She was trying to put a giant marshmallow on the long stick with the precision and focus of the surgeon. Lisa didn’t like to be put on the spot…she was rather shy, eleven years old girl with delicate features and a gentle movements. “Tell us some scary stories” Amanda exclaimed…”Yes! Scary stories” the whole group became alive with that idea. “I don’t know any….” Lisa said in the reserved tone… “Make them up…we don’t mind…” Anna suggested with the smile on her face. Lisa was quiet for a moment, looking with visible concentration toward her feet and then taking the gaze and focusing on campfire. She took a long breath in and started….

“The little girl didn’t sleep at all for a couple of days….”  Lisa paused for a moment and looked around at her friends, as if making sure everybody is listening…and then continued…   “She was simply afraid to dream…Had the same awful dream, every time she fell asleep. It was very scary…she would wake up shaking with fear and not able to forget….Her mom noticed, that something was wrong…so she asked, if she can help”…. Lisa’s face was focused…  “The girl’s name was Christi…   So, finally Christi told her mom, how she dreams every single night about visiting the circus and meeting this terribly, scary clown holding something sharp in his hand…The clown chases her …and she runs and runs…out of breath ...until she …wakes up… Following evening Christi’s mom asked her to draw the dream, which makes her so afraid…with all the details, that Christi can remember…Christi was just five years old,  but very artistic with an inclination toward details… She took her time drawing the picture, even though …it made her afraid during a day too… When she finished, she showed it to her mom….Christi’s mom holding a picture in one hand, handed another piece of empty paper to her daughter and said: “ Now make another picture ….just like that from your dream…except …change all the scary parts, and put in its place, something you love or something that makes you laugh…”  The little girl was looking at her mom ….not sure of directions…  Christi’s mom went on to explain some more…”For example…the clown may be holding colorful, beautiful balloons…instead of sharp object from your dream…or he doesn’t chase you but plays with his dog…running around…” she suggested...Christi liked that idea and started working fast…exchanging all scary parts for adorable, funny, beautiful elements. Soon the second picture was finished and little girl was smiling, very happy with the new one. That night, before going to bed Christi’s mom asked her to bring two pictures…She handed the one showing a scary dream, back to her daughter and asked her to shred it to pieces with her own hands and put it to trash…Then she told Christi to take the “good and happy” version and put it under the pillow…. “You will not have any bed dreams ...any more” Christi’s mom announced it with conviction, kissed her daughter goodnight and closed the door… Next morning Christi woke up refresh and rested…no more bad dream…never again….the end ….Lisa finished the story with a smile on her face and an expression of accomplishment…

 “Good story” ….Amanda said promptly and the girls nodded their heads with an understanding of having  some bed dreams in the past…. “Who is next..?” Anna asked ...looking around. Any volunteers…??  ” I can tell a story …but it’s not really scary…” Anna said in the shy voice… “Tell us…it’s ok…if it’s not scary...” other girls agreed. Anna’s face took on the happy demeanor and she started…..   “The family moved to a new house and decided to have lots of new plants, shrubs and trees. Barbara wasn’t an expert in landscaping but she liked to take care of the garden….She always wanted to have a Mimosa Tree around her house. They bought the little tree, planted it, watered and took good care of it…but it was looking not very promising... Every day, as Barbara was opening the door to the house, she would take a look at the tree…and every day her hopes  diminished a little…”Probably, it’s not going to survive”   Barbara thought with sadness…Now, it was just a single stick in the ground….no leafs….” “ We have to plant something else in  this spot….too bad…I love Mimosa Tree”  Barbara was thinking… That day, as she opened her front door and looked to the right at the pitiful stick of “want to be a tree”…Barbara had enough of waiting…She took a step back toward the Mimosa and exclaimed with anger  “ That’s enough….you are not doing anything….you are out of here…tomorrow I am taking you out of the ground…”   and she walked back to the house and closed the door.  Next morning, as she was coming back home, after dropping off her kids at school…she started to turn the key in the entry door, and casually looked to the right…where Mimosa Tree was or …single stick …..She stopped, fully shocked in disbelieve ….the “stick “was covered with leafs….not one or two, but many….Mimosa Tree was alive and growing….Barbara moved closer and was simply speechless….then, she looked at the tree and said  “ Very good…excellent job!.....You look beautiful”… and she touched it gently…  The tree grew very fast…it was the strongest and biggest of all in a short time…producing beautiful flowers…Its long branches were hovering over the front door…Barbara always touched it tenderly…smiling to herself …” You are beautiful”…she would say, remembering….single dry stick… I guess…… it’s just another Cinderella story…..

Anna’s voice was finishing the lovely story of whispering magic…. The girls loved it so much, that they started cheering and clapping in delight…. It was getting late ….The campfire was getting smaller and smaller…and the time for a night rest was approaching fast.

The  End.

Grandmother, slowly and quietly closed the book and looked at her granddaughter- Mary, already peacefully sleeping ….She enjoyed their evenings together…full of talk, reading and silly games. She walked to the window to look at the starry sky… She always loved evenings, with time losing its urgency and the silence full of meaning…Today was a clear sky, with visible stars, twinkling messages from the other, faraway worlds and asking us to take a moment to wonder and dream… The Mimosa tree was swaying to the gentle rhythm of the wind, touching the window with its beautiful branches, covered with flowers….Barbara smiled and whispered quietly…” You are beautiful” ….as always….





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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

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