Traffic Lights 57th Day 02-26

by Administrator 26. February 2011 05:53


The red traffic light at the intersection was not changing…”out of all days ...”  Samantha called out impatiently, biting her lips nervously and tapping her fingers on the steering wheel. She knew it was getting late, but there was nothing she could do about it right now. She was at the mercy of the heartless technology and the unpredictable morning traffic. Her class was about to start and there was at least 10 more minutes of driving…. “Green, green…green…Please… ” she was “chanting” in her mind and watching the lights with the intensity of the professional race car driver.  Finally the stoplights became alive again, colors changed and the green light announced continuation of the traffic. Samantha started driving again, moving smoothly and following the road to her destination. It was her first intern class in preschool, working with kids ...under her professor’s supervision. From the distance, Samantha was able to see the one story building, looking even greyer on this rainy morning.

  She parked the car as close as she could and started walking fast, feeling uneasy about being few minutes late. Everyone was already inside; she smiled apologetically, after making the eye contact with her professor….Other students were already assigned to work with kids, holding their hands and moving toward the tables. Samantha watched them one by one leaving the entry area and then took one step toward her professor, feeling worried…but before she could say one word, Mrs. Carter looked at her and quickly announced “You will also have a child to work with”…Almost at the same moment, the door to the left opened and a small boy of maybe 6 years of age walked in, followed by the preschool teacher, holding on to his shoulders as if pushing him forward…. The boy was looking at the floor…” You will behave for this nice lady… “ The preschool teacher proclaimed, taking his chin into her hands and tilting his head slightly to the back as if trying to make an eye contact….  “Will you?” She repeated in decisive tone of voice… The boy nodded and she turned away from him to face Samantha.” He is handful” ...she explained…” if you will have any problems, let me know” she stated, looking fist at Samantha, then giving him a long look… turned around and walked away. For a split second, Samantha felt as if she was the one in trouble…this teacher strike her as a very cold and unfriendly….

She looked at the boy, trying to decide what can she expect and then introduced herself….there was a silence …he  didn’t even acknowledge her existence… “It could be more difficult than I thought” she sighted …but decided to continue as if nothing happened…She pulled some paper work out of her backpack and started walking toward the main room filled with all  other kids working on some psychological tests. Halfway through, she turned around, waved at him and said “Let’s go, we have some work to do…we don’t want to get in trouble…” He didn’t move…she started walking again toward the empty table…hoping he would follow. Samantha pulled the two chairs out, in the very casual way, with no rush to it or looking behind her back …. Never less she was intensely concentrating on her peripheral vision. She heard the footsteps at the back of her and as she was sitting down, he arrived at the table and after a moment of hesitation occupied the other chair. She put the papers on the table in front of her and started looking through them, as if she was searching for something and not paying any attention to the boy…After few minutes she raised her eyes suddenly, unexpectedly catching him looking at her, smiled and asked “What is your name?” There was no answer again…but he didn’t turn his head …he was still watching her…

 “I thought it would be much easier…if we know each other’s names…” she said and smiled again…Samantha put a single sheet of work paper in front of him …and handed him some crayons…” Try it, if you can do any of those questions…He didn’t move but now he was looking at the paper in front of him… From the corner of her eyes, Samantha saw the preschool teacher watching them with interest…She gave her a bright smile and turned her body toward the boy, pretending to work and talk…. The boy noticed her movement, looked into her eyes and then picked up the crayon and started doodling on the paper. “You can call me Sam…for shorter”…Samantha said it, as a matter of fact and continued to watch him play with crayons. It was obvious he didn’t want to be here….she felt sorry for him and the last thing she wanted, was to get him in trouble for not following directions…. The time was almost over for today’s session and she saw other students gathering their papers full of work from the other kids…she had nothing …except doodles…. Before anybody could approach their table, Samantha put all the papers in her bag…including the one from the boy… The preschool teacher stopped by to “collect” the boy…”Everything fine?” she asked looking at Samantha….” Yes!! Everything was great, he is a really nice boy” Samantha exclaimed, looking her straight in the eye….The teacher looked puzzled , then she took him by his hand and said “Glad you liked working with Peter..” and she started walking out…Peter looked into Samantha’s eyes….for the longest time…..

Next week the students - future psychologists came back to the preschool to continue… Samantha was not late this time…but she was surprised to see different child  “given” to her for some work and testing…”Where is Peter?” she asked….   “Are you sure you want him?” the preschool teacher was making funny face…. “Yes …I really liked working with him and don’t want to change” Samantha said firmly… In few minutes Peter came out from the other area…looked at Samantha and took her hand without a word, looked at her again and then started walking to the other room…. He turned out to be very intelligent boy…hour by hour and day by day he opened up more and more…Samantha finished all of her test on the second day …he mastered them….everything was too easy for him…he was bored…and restless and active….They spend their time together talking and playing…. She was told, he waits for the day when Samantha comes in ….His story was unfolding more and more….Samantha found out , he was the youngest of three siblings with the big age difference of about 12 years…and also that his older 17 year brother died last year….No one knew about it in the preschool…. He had a label of extremely difficult child, rude and misbehaving with no interest in any work…. Peter was actually brilliant….his intelligence exceeded his age by quite few years….he was sensitive , artistic, sweet, loving and very sad….from missing his brother…..Samantha was shaking with the  anger of the thought how he was treated….and misunderstood… After dramatic talk with her professor, she was promised the things will change for him at the preschool ….

It’s been many years since then, but she still remembers him and the great time they had together… They laughed a lot and amused themselves with science, art …stories…Samantha was hoping that maybe, she was able to make a difference in his life and she knew … the reason she started her study, was to help... not to produce more paper work ,data and follow the rules according only to knowledge and mind.  She believed to have a heart, open to other people, ready for friendships...No matter how small or big they are…..

She remembers the first day with Peter at preschool and smiles at the thought of being late…. Thank goodness for the red stop lights and the crazy morning traffic….now, she never  complains about that…who knows what else she could be missing…..





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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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