The First... 54th Day 02-23

by Administrator 23. February 2011 04:32

One time or another, we all tell stories, which begin or end with  “that was the first time”….I tried it; witnessed it; felt this way; wanted to; did…this or experience…that… The moment of living through an experience, for the very first time, with total unawareness of the course of our reactions, feelings or expectations is vied as a rough material in making.  We are submerged into the situation, with our senses and mind acutely alert, not able to relate comfortably to past experiences.  At times, it’s a bit scary or at least uneasy, because our internal “guide”, doesn’t have preplanned appropriate action but we end up remembering them forever. The imprint is permanent and it will serve as a model for future references, comparisons, categorizing.

   The vulnerable state  of “the first “experience is beaming with the energy of “innocent” life, approached without prejudice, judgment or assumptions yet, full of present stream of conscience. We feel fully alive and engaged …life is in the sound, sight, taste, scent, touch and unrehearsed, undefined feelings.  I am not suggesting becoming a “junkie” of always new experiences, though trying something new and out of the box should never cease, till the day we reach the end of our journey. What I have in mind, is to embrace the fresh and childlike perspective in life and not settled with the second hand reruns… The mechanism of reruns “happens in our brain” and because of that, also in our perspective to any particular repeated experience. We simply, say “Yes... I have done it many times…nothing to get excited by",instead of taking each, as a new possibility of a fresh view. After all, you are not the same as the last time, when you …(for example) went to play golf, it was different “version “ of you, then today in this particular time.

  Possibly, we are wired to be only fully engaged and open, to brand new circumstances…our learning process could be design that way… assuming that, we humans, in our life will have the unlimited access to the new and unlived data.  This way, that would helps us to concentrate our resources on primarily  learning new material and moving the “old “one, to our “rerun” aka seen that, done this….let’s not pay too much attention to it…

  We can change our attitudes and become consciously aware of the moment, we are experiencing now.  Leading our life to richer experiences, feeling more alive and happy. The Eastern philosophies and practices are teaching us to take an advantage of that perception of the moment… Our whole life consists of, nothing else but the string of connected moments in time. If those “pearls” will be vied as “the first time”, they will retain its magic…

 I’ve met some people in my life, whose eternal spark never disappears. They might be quite mature in their years, but their excitement, energy, zest for life, young spirit, flexible and tolerant approach is more apparent than the people half their age.  Even, when we’ve  “collected” a lot of years  and experiences behind us, we don’t have to assume position of boredom and indifference….because that will reduce us to only partially awake …and who wants to live  their lives half asleep….?

The first kiss…first heartbreak, first paycheck, first intimate connection, first time you rode a bike by yourself, stood up for someone else, touched their heart, made somebody laugh, first time you said “ I love you”, and heard “ I love you too”, cried over sad ending in the movie, felt hurt by someone’s opinion, watched shooting stars, felt responsibility for other human being,  first time that, you wanted the moment to last forever….. all have the power to color your life intensely….

Maybe …we just “want” too much….. ? I have to admit, I am still immensely “hungry” for experiences …new one and the “reruns” (with a fresh spin) ….to fully feel its vibrations and magic. I’ve tasted red velvet cake (or even better, cupcakes) many times before …but it’s still brings a big smile on my face and barely makes it home…untouched…. The smell of a freshly grounded coffee, fragrant roses, chicken soup…air after the rain….feel of the water or sun on my skin, sound of Vivaldi, Chopin or ocean….feeling of connection and understanding with my friends and loved ones, unexpectedness of the life unfolding the future, anticipation to learn new things, movement to the rhythm of the music, feeling of love and gratefulness ….could be vied and lived as a miracle, or another ordinary day.

Question is why; would we ever want to live ordinarily with no wonder or amazement, if we have the choice…? The choice is ours, in every day, every hour and every attitude we have… To give up the magic voluntarily and become a judging observer, sitting on the sidelines, not fully participating…. is almost a crime… It’s not fun, just watching the game...ask any of the kids in the sports …. Get in the middle of the action, taste it, touch it smell it, feel it ….live it…as you did for the very first time… Make every time your “first time”….and feel intensely all the little moments, contributing to your days ,years and your personal history lived with the passion and hunger of the children….





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