Sticky notes 42nd Day 02-11

by Administrator 11. February 2011 02:58


Today, when I was picking up my son, driving next to the parking lot of a High school, I’ve suddenly noticed a car, covered from “head to toes” in sticky notes. My curiosity grew, expecting …a”prank”…or…?

 The large poster board was placed on the outside of the back window with following message “Sadie, now that I am stuck on you” and literally hundreds of colorful sticky notes, almost entirely covering the car, fluttering in the wind like wings of butterflies… Each of the notes, with slightly different handwriting of the word “Sadie?”….

 It’s been really cold (for Houston area) and gloomy for last few days, but today sun decided to show up and temperature raised to mid 50s… All of sudden, it felt as the  Spring was here… with new beginnings, possibilities….love… and…sticky notes , flying and getting everybody’s attention full of surprised smiles…Personally….wouldn’t  mind finding “ few” sticky notes, getting my attention or asking a question…

I am most definitely ready for Spring with planting new flowers, warm and sunny weather, hope for second chances and renewal….

  I am one of those  Spring “feverish” gardeners fully committed to digging “wide and deep”…my hands want to touch the soil , work it , start a new life and watch it grow…I suppose it’s the awareness of a new cycle , asking for a chance to come to life, following natural order ….simple and yet, impossible to stop. The force, to start anew, reminds me of the young mothers, listening to the whisper of their inner voice, spreading to each cell in their body and expressing as a wish to have a child.  I remember lying in the bed, next to my baby, who just finished nursing and trying to save that picture forever. The irresistibly sweet scent of the infant, mixed with a milk and a soothing feeling of connection, love, purpose in life, has created the most peaceful and magical moments I’ve experienced.

We all need, from time to time “rebirth”, our own, personal renewal, new inspiration and hope. The reason to look into the future, to dream….something to touch our hearts, making us feel alive.

 One of my best “thinking times” are the road trips….I would actually suggest “wild idea” of treating them as a therapy/meditation sessions…  I’ve done quite lot of them…driving around 1200 miles in two days …( to Colorado) or even farther to New Mexico, Arizona , Nevada , California and back…On most occasion, being the only driver was tough, but all the “thinking”, resulting with new ideas and perspectives, simply priceless. Meeting new people and seeing new places makes you more acutely aware of the moment, giving a chance to acquire fresh look…especially at yourself. Forgetting about every day routine and being active in a different way , lets you  taste  the “alternative” reality. Vacations are like a theatre of life, with the “other” script. Giving us a chance to try “new clothes” and seeing how it feels and fits.  

The unquestionable allure of falling in love …romantically, hopelessly and passionately feels like opening the doors…to something unforeseen, exciting, full of uncharted territory, paths not taken, feelings not expressed, emotions of the unknown, stirred hopes and dreams….

  No wonder, we do it again and again….Maybe after all it’s our human spirit, which always believes in possibilities of new beginnings. I am a big dreamer…in good endings, the ability to transform and change, finding tiny speckle of glass and seeing the world from that perspective… Hope to be always in love and inspired….in love with life and all it brings…richness, variety of experiences, untamed feelings, childlike wonder and conviction of the things bigger than us….

I still remember the smallest bouquet of daises, giving to me by the boy, who touched my heart for the very first time, the feeling of cuddling with my husband and wishing for it, to last forever and eyes of my newborn son, carefully looking at me as saying “here you are ….so this is you…”... life….that’s what I choose to remember.

As we were passing by the “sticky notes” car…I couldn’t stop smiling ,imagining the boy willing to ask the question in the most unusual and creative way…Part of me wanted to be that girl….and the other, was hoping she will say “yes”… Yes to the imagination and effort and dare to be different.  My fifteen year old son, looked at me, then pointing at the car said “It’s going to take a lot of cleaning”……yes….but who cares …..



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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