Harmony 40th Day 02-09

by Administrator 9. February 2011 03:27


"In art, and in the higher ranges of science, there is a feeling of harmony which un

derlies all endeavors. There is no true greatness in art or science without that sense of harmony." Albert Einstein


Harmony is the word to describe perfect fitting of the elements, resulting in feeling of completion to the fullest degree with no second thoughts or adjustments. We can find it, in many aspects of our life, and if we stop to think ….. we begin to notice, it could be called the DNA of the Universe. Harmony exists in music, visual arts, dance, interior designing, world of fashion, culinary area, relationships, everyday life,…science and many more.  The term “harmony” derives from Greek – “harmonia” , meaning  joint, agreement, concord.


 Even in the trivial, everyday activities, we have an ability to exercise our perception of harmony.


I  have to confess….to truly enjoy shopping for the clothes ( though, I am a bargain shopper, who likes the sweet combination of style, uniqueness and the “common sense” in relation to price…). It feels to me, as I am painting a picture with “wearable art”…mixture of textures, colors and style, reflecting my current mood. Sometimes, I cannot find that “last” piece, to finish the “attempted look” or,  I just know, there is something missing for the harmonious feeling of the outfit. Can’t analyze or predict what it is …but once I find it; it’s like fitting the last piece of the puzzle ….with unquestionable conviction of  belonging. Almost as, something inside of us feels balance, harmony, peace and completion.


In my dance, yoga practice, skiing or other similar activities, awareness of performing something correctly, with all elements in balance and harmony is closer to inner conviction (intuition) then logic.  Very similarly with music, visual arts or simple interior designing …the feeling of “just right” precedes any analytical process. All of that led me to conclusion; we “must” have the innate “sensor” to detect “harmony”…..and… since, we are capable of the distinction between harmony and disharmony….it must be pretty important, for us human beings, to make that ruling….

 Could it be, because harmony is necessary to our well being?  The vibration, of that energy created in arts or science, by harmonious alignment of the elements, “seeks” and influences us, calling for the harmony within us,  as well. Eastern philosophies, yoga , meditations  shows us the way to balance different elements, creating harmony and more peaceful; enlighten existence.

Neuroplasticity is the term, which refers to the brain ability to change its structure and function. Scientists started asking questions, whether brain can change in response to just internal, mental signals. The study of meditation was the perfect subject. The Tibetan monks, were asked to practice “compassion” meditation, resulting in feelings of loving and kindness. Using the brain scan – MRI, it showed the increased activity in the part of the brain ( left prefrontal cortex) directly link to happiness and positive emotions. There is growing field in science, called contemplative neuroscience – the brain science of meditation. The scientists believe “that making a habit of meditation can strengthen brain circuits responsible for maintaining concentration and generating empathy.

From my own experience, I know the meditation can produce the feeling of harmony and peace…so needed in our busy life. The other day, I talked with my daughter about different ways to meditate. We both agreed, there is more, than one way to meditate….if “classic” approach is not ‘your cup of tea”…why not … do something, which would feel normal and comfortable for you. As long as you withdraw into yourself, away from “life’s noise”…and focus on “just being” at the moment with mindful breathing and mind, clear of thoughts …you are doing something important for your health and wellbeing. You may choose, later on introduce images and feelings of love and caring…activate…”left prefrontal cortex”…and have your daily “shot” of happiness and harmony.

It seems to me, we are “prewired” to seek and achieve harmony…It’s our ideal state of balance, peace and happiness….just like in the life around us.  All it takes is to “research” what makes you happy, content, balanced, harmonious…and create the right conditions for it.

I didn’t talk about very important aspect of the harmony in our lives…the relationships, but the same law applies here....harmony is the ultimate goal. From the moment you meet, and decide if ‘both elements” are well fitting or not…. to the all interactions, throughout your life together. We are simply healthier, happier, more balanced, even more loving when the harmony is present. It is something worth achieving and nurturing. On the other hand, when the harmony becomes total disharmony and you know …deep inside, no amount of glue can help….it’s better to “change the music”…

Feeling the sense of harmony is not only helpful, but necessary in our lives. Many times, we stepped of this path so far, we can’t even remember how great it was. Simple things, which makes us happy and balanced, bring that harmony back to our life. It’s like taking baby steps…one at the time…bringing more and more harmony from different sources…until one day, you will began to feel its presence, inside of you, living permanently, despite hurricanes ,earth quakes  and “minor fingernails scraping on a blackboard”…..




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