Dancing 26th Day

by Administrator 26. January 2011 03:56

Lately, I’ve been quite serious in my thoughts, I suppose  in my “deepest layers”  I was always  interested in a “big”, existential questions…

Though, I do have a lighter side to my personality so, I’ve decided to explore it a little tonight….let’s see what happens….

 Today was “salsa evening for me”…group dance class with people of similar interest, willing to travel ( 30 – 40 minutes) in the middle of the week, around 8pm….just to learn few steps. I am sure each of us could find something "better" to do on this Wednesday, cold night…but we choose to dance instead.

 Everyone’s motives are probably a little different…friend of mine wants to have a chance to practice dancing with various partners to get better at “following” ( aka how fast you will react in correct way to the lead from a man), one man from the group, I’ve met few months ago admitted to taking the class so his social life will improve ( he said “I’ve heard ..women like a good salsa dancer”…yes ! no question about that …we do…).

 Someone else discovered the easy way to lose the weight and keep in shape by dancing, few people just love dancing but they never took classes and don’t know the steps. Whatever the reason is, I like to watch  their exited faces, bright eyes, big smiles (…sometime frowns or “deeply “concentrated looks)...and willingness to try to get better at “the move”, repeating it over and over again…

I have been taking ballroom dance classes for quite a long time…about 8 years…not that I am particularly good at it…but still hopelessly in love with an exhilaration of the movement to the music, sweet surrender to softer and sensual side, non verbal communication between partners and feeling of sheer joy and happiness.

 My impatience of early years to learn fast and achieve certain goals has been replaced by full enjoyment and appreciation of the learning process, growth as the dancer and the opportunity for a change. Over the years I’ve noticed, there are many parallels between life and dance, even more…they influence each other and entwine , causing a change.  It’s not that strange after all, dance is an expression of who we are and as I said before, some of the most valuable life lessons I've learned on the dance floor…

One of my “double lessons” involving life and dance happened, while learning to Waltz a little…It was always one of the more challenging dances for me, because the idea of vain, helpless, princess in the “strong” arms of the man was not that appealing to my personality. I used to joke, that the only princess I could be is Fiona from Shrek   (especially first part). She was “karate expert “…tough, smart and brave…that’s my hero…

In real life too… I believed in being very strong with no place for weaknesses…Well, needless to say, my teacher convinced me (not immediately…had to work on it …) that Waltz requires as much strength (if not more) as softness with whimsical, romantic element, we notice on the surface. Finally, I realized strength without vulnerability could never be truly powerful, because it would always be one sided, “ fighting “ subconsciously against weakness….The rest is history, not only that I’ve embraced the idea of duality in life’s opposite elements, fall in love with Waltz, realizing there is a space for strong and vulnerable princess in me, but also changed my outlook on life. I am not afraid anymore to show some of my more difficult   emotions … weaknesses …such as being lost at times, needing helping hand or failing, making mistake or putting my heart out and even getting hurt… That’s what makes us human after all…. The difficult lesson is to understand it and accept…in the end it will make  you twice as strong …the fear of failing is gone …replaced by peaceful assurance, that I will get up again and just learn one more lesson…not the end of the world..….

My salsa group friends are not interested in perfection of the dance…they just want to have fun. They are like kids at the playground, buzzing with exitements …I feel right at home….Though, have to admit I am still hoping , to master some of the ballroom dances...in the future…but not, by paying the price of loosing enthusiasm to just move my body to the rhythm and feeling happy, whole, grateful and lucky to be the part of that experience.

So, if music or dance is something, that makes you tap your feet or fingers, makes you feel energetic and fully alive ...by all means do it!!! There is so much variety…from my favorite ballroom dancing to salsa, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, country western, and disco….anything that you like. Find the reason to start, do it for you, make a first step… and most importantly….have fun at it.

I know, I do…FYI …my reason to go to salsa with people who are just starting to learn… (beside my lovely friend being there) is their pure appreciation of the dance itself, joyful satisfaction from being able to learn even few basic steps, happiness of moving to the rhythm and willingness to fail…and then try again with a  smile on the face ….life…you have to learn to make mistakes and be happy despite…There is always next salsa lesson , chance to improve, reason to laugh and make friends and enjoy truly the whole process with no regrets or looking back…Life….


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