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There are quite few books, I’ve read and enjoyed in my lifetime…some excellent…but soon forgotten, others still having continuous impact on me and last but not the least…one making me smile with happy tingling sensation of mischievous kid.

One, from last category is “Sophie’s World”- Novel about the History of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder. I gave this book to my seventeen year old daughter last year , wishing I had one like that when I was growing up…

Essentially its beginner’s guide to philosophy, written by a school teacher but at the same time its fantasy novel, a cross between History of Western Philosophy and Alice in Wonderland. When you read it, you can’t help to wonder , ask questions , be amused and feel  3000 years of philosophical inquiry as a continuity of human spirit. The “pillars” of western philosophy  and their beliefs come to life in the crystal clear, innocent and suspenseful account, through  the eyes of 14 year old Norwegian girl.


Its not a book for people who are well skilled and can navigate impressively in informational realms of philosophy. It’s for someone who likes to ask questions about life and our existence but doesn’t believe that merely accumulating facts and ideas is enough to understands and build world upon it.

 What I loved about this book, was the feeling of connection and the element of touch ability to names like Kant, Sartre, Plato…three millenniums were just a blink of an eye . The philosophers with their ideas, questions, thoughts, turmoil…felt so human, not much different then you and I …… in  pain , wonder,  effort to understand.

 I could feel the history of us humans on the timeless quest to find out. Couldn’t  help looking above me, at the stars and keep wondering how many more before me, stood in the same place ,asking the same questions. I could almost feel their presence and see their shadows. How many more in the future..? What questions will they ask and what kind of answers will they arrived at…?


There is the scene from the movie Avatar…by the way I did liked it and ...I suppose it’s personal preference….anyway in the scene she says “I see you”…

It’s such a warm feeling to see, not with the eyes but with your heart and soul to feel connection. It doesn’t have to be romantic …just similarity of thinking, understanding, feeling, explaining.


I was working today on a few pages of my blog to put some of my favorites quotes, by favorite people.


“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle”

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”

  by Albert Einstein.

 I love lots of his quotes …so much positivity , sense of wonder with imagination leading the parade of wisdom ,intelligence , sense of humor and humility. I also think that,  the moment you stop questioning , learning, wondering you will become “solid” your opinions , ideas , looks on life…impenetrable to change, frozen photograph of the past … already “gone”.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, don’t  you go out and look for a successful personality an duplicate it”

 “Let the spirit out - Discard all thoughts of reward, all hopes of praise and fears of blame, all awareness of one's bodily self. And, finally closing the avenues of sense perception let the spirit out, as it will”

 by Bruce Lee

Simply brilliant… It takes so much more energy to trying to be someone else…, why give up on such an exciting journey  to get to know yourself…after all you are unique…maybe undiscovered, but never less no other one like you in the world…Just have to do some “work” to get to know yourself.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”

 “To spare oneself from grief at all cost can be achieved only at the price of total detachment, which excludes the ability to experience happiness”

 by Erich From

 When I was growing up …I suppose, I was pretty good observer …learning from mistakes of the others…especially close family. Promising myself to do  better, differently …not to make mistakes …Yes ...for a long time I was trying to live without them….the truth is, you cant !  Can’t be afraid to fail, to step into the unknown out of comfort zone…and maybe get hurt. Fact is you will never learn , grow and change. 

 Well, its pretty “cool” to find “friends” like that…that’s true they can’t talk back and argue with you….but on the other hand who would want to argue with …them…?  Now, seriously speaking each of us need to  feel  that spiritual connection and understanding with someone who perceive world in similar way. It help us realize, we are not alone on this life journey, there were many before us and many more to come. Some of them  with very similar approach to life. You can learn from them to take one step farther, past your limitations and stops….who knows where it will lead you …



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