Color Your Life 15th Day

by Administrator 15. January 2011 03:58

Colors…!!!  Don’t you love them?

 All different hues and saturations, from delicate pastels  to rich and vibrant explosions. There are some days, that I just have to be surrounded by certain color…wherever I go, I see only that color ,I am drawn to it, “falling in love”  … Looking at it or wearing it makes me happy J.

 We have a saying, comparing richness and variety of colors to fullness of someone’s  life, his/her work, ideas…Monochromatic seems a bit “boring” , one sided ( Don’t mean to “abuse” black and white photography…absolutely love it J)…. and not that exiting or full of possibilities.

 When I picture someone’s “colorful” life, I imagine it full of different experiences, likes and hobbies , passions and pursuits . Filled with variety of people and wide range of cultural experiences.

 I suppose, someone can say they are just happy with doing one or two things in their life …but excelling at that…nothing wrong with it, because when you “dive” into any subject deeply enough, you will discover new world for yourself…so fascinating and complex, it will bring  just enough of richness.

 The point is to make it “bigger”, more thoughtful ...your experiencing of life , either by the depth of the subject or by their variety. I am not talking about acquiring things, collecting, “more is better” attitude. What I have in mind has to do with an appreciation. You can live very “simply and mindfully and at the same time, be aware and grateful for different expressions of life around you. When we learn to appreciate many aspects of our lives  ex.  music, art, science, different cultures and people around us ,variety of hobbies, family life, friendships, love ,caring , compassion ,forgiveness…we are becoming “fuller ”and multidimensional.

 As if, we can see more colors in the spectrum of light. We “notice” more things that make us happy, we appreciate their beauty. Fall in love with them and feel grateful for all these experiences life gives us.

 There are times, that life is showing us dark and sad colors…it’s even more important at the moments like that, to have an ability to perceive other aspects of reality… To remember, that despite the fact, that live is fragile,  it is miraculous and keeps on “giving”.

 Some time ago, I was suddenly faced with the fact of living every day for extended period of time with pain…I’ve always thought of myself as very “brave” and “good with pain”. Nothing prepared me for that…Pain took over my life, which was reduced to only two stages… lots of pain or less… I realized, I wasn’t as tough as I though and that life was not the medium for my ego to prove, how heroic I could be…

 At that moment, it occurred to me, how ignorant and ungrateful I’ve been before.  I took for granted simple pleasures of being alive and never showed my appreciation…. I prayed a lot … hoped and was lucky to have few wonderful friends and family... Fortunately, after a year or so I was getting better, but I promised myself to never forget about one of the most important lesson in life..appreciation and being grateful.

 Feeling passionate about different things in your life, makes it even easier to appreciate world around us .We just have to open our eyes and  take a note  of all small and big things ...especially small, “working quietly”, to provide the basics for us. Yet, many times we don’t see it, because they are doing such an amazing job.

  We take breathing, eating or sleeping  for granted…but it’s the “masterpiece”  in working. The reason to celebrate, appreciate , be grateful and to take each day as a miracle.

 Life is ‘colorful” enough, we are the artists deciding what to paint and which colors  to use…Whether you like simple , monochromatic sketch, subtle watercolors or vivid and wild paintings, its all in your  choice…but, please appreciate your "art" fully ,love it and take care of it’s  very prescious...

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"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

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