Joanna 65th Day 03-06

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Joanna opened her eyes and saw a woman’s face staring at her from a distance…..she realized it’s just the painting, hanging on her bedroom wall. ”What time is it?” she thought….. It was already a daylight …”Did she oversleep?” Joanna slightly lift herself up and quickly focused her eyes on the alarm clock. It was around 4:04 am …”still a lots of time” she sighted with relieve….looking at the ceiling… She was dreaming about something…what was that?  She remembered a very pretty woman, all dressed in white, crying and writing something… She looked so sad ...”. It’s not really dark anymore…at 4:00 o’clock “Joanna noticed…She checked the clock again….4:04 am … same time ….”It’s not working!!”... suddenly she realized  and jump out of the bed…run to the kitchen and grabbed her cell phone. It showed 6:37 am…..she will never make it on time…the train leaves at 7:30 am…no wonder it was so light outside…The next train is around 10:00 am but she wanted to ride the early one, to have more time…” Well, there is nothing I can do” she shrugged her shoulders and looked through the window…nice day…sunny and warm…good for being on the outside...

 Joanna got dressed, had  breakfast and decided to walk to the train station … the day was beautiful and she only had a small backpack … It wasn’t far...…maybe 30 minutes…  The air was fresh and full of a lilac flowers scent. The sidewalk was adorned by tall shrubs, producing purple flowers and giving soft, romantic and a little nostalgic scent…Joanna took a deep breath in….simply exquisite….She was slowly walking and enjoying this amazing spring, morning day. Passing few small stores on her right, she caught her reflection in the window and smiled happily. She was tall and slim brunette with a kind smile and bright, intelligent eyes…beaming with joy and friendliness. Joanna loved this part of the town with all different stores, promising hours of  treasure hunt and the moments of  day dreaming… She stopped by one of them, admiring the jewelry…old looking rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces…Her eyes focused intensely on something in the corner,  all the way to the left side…It was a beautiful pendant with an oval  Moonstone and a fresh water pearl, set in gold on the delicate rope chain… It reminded her of the Art Nouveau period...her favorite…where  artists could work on everything, from architecture, furniture, paintings, jewelry…making the art, a part of everyday life. She was watching it intensely…liking it more and more, with every passing moment. Without much thinking, she found herself in the middle of the store…looking for someone to help her…

The elderly woman was polishing a ring, concentrating fully ….she was bringing it closer to her eyes,    checking  its spotless condition.  Suddenly, she looked up,  smiled brightly and greeted Joanna with jovial  “Hello and a good day to you my dear!!” Joanna responded with a proper  “Good Morning and good day to you too...” . The women put down the ring and looked at Joanna with interest…” . Can I help you to find something? ”  she asked with the smile. Joanna turned around toward the front of the store and pointed at the shopping window  “There is one pendant …I like …Can I see it from up close? ” she asked politely.  “Of course,  my dear…Which one is it? ”  The woman responded promptly, putting the polished ring inside the display case, closing it and moving closer to Joanna. “It was on the left side ….I mean right, from inside of the store…oval Moonstone with…”  “Yes, yes…I know which one “ woman interrupted, giving her a mysterious glance… She quickly reached toward the window display , took the pendant  and show it to Joanna…” This one..? ” she squinted her eyes, waiting for the answer. Joanna nodded her head and let the dreamy look spread over her face…”Yes..That’s the one...”.

The woman put it on the counter and with her hand, made an inviting gesture. “You can touch it if you want to …or try it on….”  she said, carefully examining Joanna’s face. Joanna touched it gently and moved her fingers tenderly, following the oval shape of the Moonstone… She slid them toward the pearl and held it with an admiration… Looked at the woman and exclaimed slowly “  It’s simply beautiful …what an intricate work but at the same time so unassuming and fresh... Is it old..? ”  “ I suppose so…”  the woman stated shortly. Joanna was captivated by the look and feel of the pendant. She was not planning to buy anything soon…but that was different…she couldn’t bear a thought of parting with it…”  How much is it? “  she asked directly, watching the woman’s face with anticipation.  The woman kept gazing into Joanna’s eyes, then she turned around, reached for the small notebook and said  “I will check it for you”.  "Its 499$” she exclaimed, looking cautiously at Joanna.  “499 $...? ” Joanna repeated …” It’s a lot …for me...” she added, looking disappointed. “It’s an antique “  the woman informed her, as to justify the price…  “ I know…I understand…I just can’t …right now” Joanna admitted in the sad tone of the voice and handed it back to the woman….but she didn’t  take it from Joanna’s hands….She was examining her face and then she exclaimed… “399$ tax…” Joanna stared at the pendant…it was still a lot for her…but she had enough money to buy it for that price….She heard her voice saying “ I will take it”…   “Good, then its settled…it belongs to you...” the woman’s voice sounded very pleased … Joanna paid for the pendant and watched the woman put it carefully into the small box and a brown bag. “ You made a good choice, my dear “ the woman declared with the thoughtful conviction and handed her the bag with a twinkle in her eyes….

Joanna left the store feeling happy about her purchase …even though it was more money, that she was used to spend on herself… She opened the bag and then the box….the little treasure was even more beautiful in the daylight…The  dark blue moonstone was shimmering with the enchanting light…the intensely deep color looked three dimensional, giving it the aura of not only the mystery but also seductiveness and sensuality… She was very happy to find it. Joanna realized, it must be getting late…she quickly put the pendant in the box and then, to the inside of her backpack, into the zippered pouch. She started folding the paper bag, noticing the small picture of the butterfly, decided to save it for later…  and put it in her pocket. She looked at the watch and started walking in the decisive and quick manner…  ”I will make it on time….and if not….it was worth it…” she smiled and kept on marching ….

She arrived at the perfect time…got her ticket and still had few more minutes left to buy something to drink. Joanna couldn’t stop smiling...she felt happy, as if she was caring a sweet secret with her… full of mystery and romance… She couldn’t wait to show it to her aunt and grandmother.  Found her seat, next to the window and put the backpack on her lap…The train started to move slowly…the changing  faces of the people at the  train station reminded her of the large, live collage…train was picking up the speed…making everyone disappear slowly  … the emptiness filled the space. She was travelling, leaving the everyday world behind …on her way to the place she missed so much and felt resentful, at the same time….the clickety-clack sound of the train in its humming song, was becoming  part of her heart and soul, soothing her mind and promising the sweet and soft  day dreaming

 To be continue…



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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