Ocean Within Us 52nd Day 02-21

by Administrator 21. February 2011 05:09


The sound of the ocean was telling a story, softly unfolding and gently rocking the thoughts, suspended in time. Seconds and minutes lost its urgency, hovering in the thick air around. The gentle tenderness of the waves was surrounding them. They didn’t talk, savoring the moment of peaceful closeness to the earth and to each other. It was their last day of vacation, filled with sunny days of long and rewarding hours; beautiful sunsets, unreal with its richness of colors and perfection ;sleepless nights spend talking and watching flickering candle light, hypnotizing with its brightness and them … caught in a private time and space of  unexpected feelings.

She felt his relaxed body moving slightly to the gentle rhythm of the waves.  Didn’t have to look at his eyes to know its exact shape and color. That was the first thing she has noticed… deeply green with the tiny speckles of blue, sparkling with intelligence and mischief. The day she met him for a very first time, couldn’t help not to watch his movement, decisive and strong but also appealing to all of her senses with a dream like qualities. He was very good looking but that’s not what made an impact on her …it was his vulnerable openness and warmth, paired with deep sensuality.  He was about her age with that charming boyish look and a soft, deep voice. She was practically staring at him in pretense of holding a concentrated thought….mesmerized by the vision. It felt, as if her heart skipped a beat and her chest was exploding with an uncomfortable heat.

Never before felt this way, about someone in such a short time.  It scared her a bit and also, made her curious. They were assigned to the same group of volunteers, helping kids with the disabilities to have good and safe summer camp. He was helping everyone to ease into the daily routines, always eager to offer advice or share a few good laughs.  She was simply, trying to stay away, assuming he wouldn’t be interested, and hiding her unsuspected emotions under cover of indifference.  There was no surprise in, how much other girls liked him…” Couldn’t I like someone else …?” she thought…” someone not so good looking and charming, and …. popular…?”  Instinctively she knew, it was not his look she was drawn to…there was something else … couldn’t understand but felt it ….

Despite her overwhelming shyness they’ve become very good friends in a short time. As she suspected he was an intelligent and sensitive but unfortunately very spoiled by the girls….No one expected anything serious from him, besides looking good and being popular. He was perfectly capable of becoming human being with a capital “ H”….if he would decide ….to take a road less traveled.

We always imagine, how great it is, to be that incredibly handsome guy or amazingly beautiful girl…seems as, the life has opened its arms for them with no stops and a lots of possibilities…When you look closely, you will realize …it would take a lot of self discipline and character building not to lose yourself into a stream of easy choices  and skin deep relationships…We, humans…like to be comfortable and satisfied…extra work may seem unnecessary , even if its producing good changes in us. Our society values good looks over well developed inner self….we are our own victims of being biologically predisposed  to choosing the visible and shiny outside over real and not immediately visible  “treasures”.`

She felt sorry and a little sad, knowing how challenging it will be for him to retain that innocent spirit, deep sensitivity and need for truth…in life. The things will come easy for him, for a while …until one day he will notice certain emptiness on the inside…as if something was lost, long time ago …but he  wouldn’t be able to feel or remember what it was…

She was wishing a different scenario for his life. I suppose she cared for him more, than she was willing to admit, even to herself. Their long hours of friendly talk, with him listening intensely and her, feeling the awareness of newly discovered sensitivity in every inch of her body, felt like crying and laughing at the same time….

  The sky above them was dark with an amazing show of the constellations. It felt as they were a vital part of the cosmos, there was no distinction between here and there...the closeness of the stars made them feel free from all constricts of the human time and space. Holding hands and letting water to caress them, they felt intense connection, not only to each other but to the history and the future of all human kind… They could imagine and feel their passion, love, heartache, happiness, ecstasy, sadness, and existence measured by emotions ….full of hopes, dreams and beliefs. They both had a strange notion, it all happened before and … a  silly thought, it will happen again… in the future…..  




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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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