The Road Ahead Of Us 58th Day 02-27

by Administrator 27. February 2011 01:01

There is a winding road ahead of us and however we choose to travel its always our choice...Some of us are great at research...there is lots of careful planning taken into an account with variety of angles, turns, even potholes in order to design a perfect course of action; others will just start running like their life depends on it….no second thoughts, remorse or guilt ...pure energy of the moment in a light speed..; Some of us walk and walk some more, methodically one foot in front of the other letting the momentum of the day do the work….; still, few more can never decide how to do this “locomotion”…walk and run and stop…to look and go again…choices are never easy in life …specially settling for just one…it seems as we are giving up every other possibility….Well ,whichever style of traveling  we are going to embrace…consciously or not, it’s good to realize, it will not only influence  the perception of a scenery around us but also our memories from the trip. So, maybe instead of asking ourselves how do we want to travel , we should ask what do we want to remember about our journey…what stories do we want to tell, which lessons  we need to learn and whose hand do we want to feel, next to us….?

The style I’ve traveled, changed a lot over the course of my life…I was guilty of over planning in attempt to make my trip as precise as a Swiss watch…I’ve assigned to much power to my methodical, analytical part …hoping, that if I control, I will master it….fear of helpless unpredictability was stronger than spirit of pure adventure and enjoyment… Lessons were learned to show me, there is no control …only illusion of it, feeding our false sense of security… Had to change the way I traveled…adjust to lessons learned and try something new… I suppose there will be even more adjustments on this trip …it should be, after all, we are smart species …we can learn….If we knew all the lessons, ahead of times…it would be unbearably boring and pointless…  So, I travel “light” now …no heavy baggage of yesterday is allowed, I am paying more attention to the everyday changing scenery, ready for surprises, instead of preplanned itinerary; always learning from anyone helping me to see, feel or understand; having my security of the trip inside of me, not in the desperate need to control …, letting my inner self guide the way, that makes perfect sense…to me… Last but definitely not least…. always skipping like a child…that’s my favorite part… with so many things to touch, taste, try, see, feel, understand and learn…Is it a perfect trip ? No…it’s not…it’s just ‘perfect” for me…at this moment in time…

Everyone gets lost from time to time…its normal and sometime quite necessary. What do we do when we are lost? We begin to pay closer attention to our surroundings, opening our eyes wide and actually asking questions… Should we turn here or continue going? Should we ask for direction or let our intuition lead us? Then we realize…so, we are lost’s not that bad…we thought it would be worse… Our imagination played a trick on us …the scary monsters from under the bed are not real…we are …and that can never be lost. We just need to learn, how to find it again…deep inside of us, in the quiet moment and peace…always present…

When you are ready to find your way again…strangely you will begin to notice the “road signs. ”Your universe” will conspire to bring your attention to areas, which will help you with the decisions. I remember how few years ago, I felt to be at the crossroads …the questions  were fresh in my mind but road was not clear…Everywhere I looked around, I heard the songs…with lyrics…applying to my thoughts, people on the radio were telling stories…I could learn from…...Clearly my mind, soul and my reality…was in sync according to my situation….” conspiring” to show me the way… Well, one particular story I remember very well, because ….goes like that…. “The old man, was on his death bed …he lived a long life… and now was ready to leave this world forever… He was in his room in the bed, surrounded by his family and friends, who came to say the last goodbye. He was chatting and talking with everybody...but he notice three people in the back, he couldn’t recall from his memory…He was a little embarrassed…who were these people…how could he forget them??  When everybody said final goodbye and left the room, three people remained with him in the room…They were looking at the man with very painful and sad expression… The man apologized for not recognizing them…he said... “I am so sorry, I can’t seem to remember who you are…Are you my family or friends I forgot??”…The three people approached his bed with sad faces and visible tears….” We are not your family or friends…you don’t know us”…The man looked surprised...” Then, what are you doing here? , if you don’t know me and why are you so sad??” “We came to say the final goodbye to you, because we won’t see you anymore…that’s out last time together…” The man couldn’t understand….why are they here..?  The question in his eyes was undeniable….” The reason you don’t know us” they continued, “ is because you never got to know  us and now is too late….We are your unfulfilled dreams, passions, talents, hopes….”…..

On this particular day…the story I've heard on the radio…touched me very deeply and I made the promise to myself …to never say goodbye to the parts of me, that I didn’t have a chance to explore….befriend and enjoy…I want to know all of my ‘friends”, when the day to say farewell will come…no regrets or sadness for not trying, more of remembering great stories and people who were part of my winding road…This thought I can live with  and leave  ….no other way around…


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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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