Positivity 32nd Day 02-01

by Administrator 1. February 2011 03:55


To be able to notice and appreciate even the smallest things in our life that make us happy…that’s a real art.

 Overlooking flaws, not concentrating on mistakes or things we are missing and also, being grateful for all that is working for us well is highly needed for positive perspective.

Do you remember these books called “Where is Waldo?” We had couple of them when my kids were young…Basically, it was a game in perception…teaching you to pay attention to details, by careful concentration and visual skills. Your job was to find Waldo…small figure of the boy, on the pages which were, more busy then busiest expressionistic form….colors and shapes in wildest puzzle of life. Yet, we were quite successful in finding our Waldo…as a matter of the fact, the more books we had with Waldo the better we got at locating him…

 Well, we knew what we were looking for …so we muted all that “noise” of distraction and didn’t pay attention, even to the loudest attention seekers saying “look at me now!”  The key was not only to know, who you are looking for but also, to focus on finding just him…despite many other “interesting” objects.

It’s very similar with our lives…Our perception of reality, needs to have a goal of looking for positivity in every situation. This will give us, not only the strength to survive through difficult times, but also will highlight small and hardly noticeable aspects of our lives, worth being grateful for.

 Just like with Waldo … we need to pay an attention and filter the “negative noise “of our world to find what we are looking for ….One may call it disillusion of the real life or wearing “happy glasses”…but if that’s true, then worrying over every failure and unhappiness would be nothing else but wearing “dark shades” and being as much disillusion as in the first case, except by the negativity. It seems to me that choice belongs only to you….and I would rather dedicate my life to find happy and cheerful Waldo then grumpy and depressed….

The more “happy Waldos” you find the better you get at this “game”. One day it will become natural and instinctual like breathing...

I am still learning and reminding myself to look beyond obvious moments of heartache and sadness. If nothing else, maybe finding a comfort in learning life lesson …the one …teacher forgot to hand out the set of instructions for. Having faith, that future holds the answer for us and the lesson will be revealed to open our understanding and acceptance.

We are very assertive, powerful and perfectionist society …in my opinion…. We believe in achieving what we set out to have, the way we want to …to be satisfied and happy at the end… There is nothing wrong with good self esteem, clear goals, perseverance maybe even touch of excellence…but to set out to obtain such an impossible goals, to have everything just the way we want, is leading yourself to disappointments.

 Life is not the predictable set of Lego blocks, we are not the master minds of the cosmos and our happiness, on the contrary is not in direct correlation with “perfectly achieved projects”. If we follow this road, we will be looking  forever …chasing our own happiness…and never holding on to it, long enough to feel satisfied.

Changing  perspective  to “now”…in the present, finding reasons to be happy and  realizing, it’s in the state of mind not possessions, that you are giving  yourself a chance to experience life and yourself, through your own reality in making, with happiness as a companion.

There are tragic situations in many lives….especially when we lose someone we love…the darkness is all around us…our heart is broken and it feels as nothing can make things better. Nothing…..for now…need to be very patient and then hope for light entering our lives …in any form possible.. Don’t have a better solution …. Only faith …that one day, we wake up and world will look better to us and we will be able to stand up on our own….

Being positive and looking for it in our lives is not for the “fools”…If anything, it is for the brave at heart, letting hopes, faith and love to fill its space, despite ….

It is for the human spirit, which comes alive and shines the light to believe in  “impossible. Being positive is a way of life, like anything else …we have to make the conscious choice and then, commit to see everything around from that perspective….

Is it possible to make a change in life, by just being positive?  I truly believe so…it’s not by magic act but, by allowing the “ hope, faith and chance factor” to enter the life …and create more life, more possibilities and more beginnings then ends…  Isn’t it the definition of happiness after all …more beginnings then ends…Wishing everyone just that…. After all,  its plenty, when you think about it .


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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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