Our Stories 41st Day 02-10

by Administrator 10. February 2011 00:06

It’s been said so many times, that we are all connected…but I am still taken by surprise (don’t know why..?) to find another person going through, almost identical life lessons”…

Today, I had the chance to hear someone else’s story, of learning to embrace vulnerability. I knew, and felt her “words” so well, as I’ve recognized similarity of my struggle and my conclusion too. Some aspects of our lives were very similar…such as fact that I’ve also started out, my adult life, with the analytical and logical determination, strong, fierce and critical (especially to myself).

 My challenge turned out to be, to trust intuition, have faith, let go of the control, accept unpredictability, embrace the vulnerability, and learn to love myself as much as the others…….I know…not much to improve lol……The scientist, I’ve listened to in “TED talks” …recently came to terms with the vulnerability issue, through her work. She explained, how as a young professional she “followed” the rule …” if you can’t measure this, than it doesn’t exist” and how her perspective changed to allow vulnerability find its right place…

 According to Wikipedia our world population is approximately  6,899,200,000 ….so it would be highly unrealistic to assume, that just handful of fellow humans is experiencing the same journey, at the same time…. While I watched her, I had a strange feeling, of listening to myself, paired with an excitement, to the idea of another person experiencing strikingly similar way of thinking. What I’ve learned “internally “as oppose to established, outside sources (school, books) and conclusions derived, apparently has the wide, human appeal ( she has done study on quite a  large number of people). Our human connection and similarity, is even more apparent in this view.

We may start our life very differently, even on the opposite spectrum …some of us, are more logical, methodical etc, the others…just opposite. We all learn, throughout the life, to include seemingly opposite elements to build more balanced, whole and harmonious selves. Are you familiar with the fable…saying, that long time ago we were “whole”…and then …got separated, right in the middle …so now, in our lives we are searching for our perfect half….”? Since I am…yes …guilty of being the romantic with capital R…I've based my close, personal relationships on that notion. It was not only …quite interesting approach, but also colorful, idealistic with adventurous undertones .How many times did I “get out “of going on the date by…jokingly suggesting “I can’t, I am searching for my other half...”Well, truth to be said…I did…

What if, from my today’s life perspective, I will propose to change the above fable …a tiny bit…and instead of looking for the other, perfect fitting “half”, across the globe….we will search for it… inside of us… In the lessons learned, points taken, changes being allowed…. At the end, leading to total acceptance of ourselves, as the perfect “whole”. Not suggesting staying lonely, single and satisfied with just our own company. What I have in mind is what we already know…to start the “work” with yourself and not rely on the other person to make us “whole”…happy. As a matter of fact… when we are born, we are “whole”…but “life” happens…and some of us (more than others) need to “remember” that state …and go back to the equilibrium.

We all can learn from each other…being at the different stages in the life , support the “work” which needs to be done, maybe inspire in knowing, that it’s nothing unusual or strange to ask the questions, look for the answers or feel this way. It means being human after all, not omnipotent but authentic one, with all the strengths and vulnerabilities…similar to each other and slightly different too.

And, as far as vulnerabilities go…its plenty of them in our human world. Many varieties…many people …one good approach… To meet them head on, look into their eyes and let go of the fear…Acknowledge, your feelings (…scared, not good enough….) and accept human “imperfections”, make them into your own imprint. The less you are “hiding” from vulnerable issues and the more they are “in open”, the less powerful they are.  



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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