Like a Water 10th Day

by Administrator 10. January 2011 00:54


"To be like a water"....

 I’ve read not long ago Lao Tzu quote....shapeless but being able to take any shape, soft but strong to tear down the hardest rocks...

 It seems to me it means, to be able to express ying and yang elements through one and the same medium…That makes me realize how we categorize and define opposites, from purely human’s  mind point of view…

World around us doesn’t have to be one or the could be both… We may learn something from Nature and embrace in us, characteristic with negative and positive polarities.

 To be always strong and not allowing yourself to experience vulnerability means to develop in one direction, same as, training our muscles only on the right side of the body…We know, that would lead to imbalance… not good in life…

 Being independent and self-sufficient is honorable trait…but refusing to be helped by other people, isolates you and doesn’t teach you a lesson in coexisting. Loving other so much, that you don’t pay attention to your needs is pure “crime” on yourself …After all, no one knows you, as well as you do, so your needs can’t be fully met, just by “guessing” partner…You would  feel resentful after a while and start to blame other person of selfish behavior or you may end up “playing the role” of the  martyr in relationship ..emotionally terrorizing the “loved one”.

 The older I get, the more I see how keeping the balance in one’s life holds the key to happier and fuller existence. This way of thinking takes a little time to develop… well, maybe it just took me that long …maybe some people are born with understanding on importance of balance. I didn’t…I was proud of being “tough cookie “, on pushing the limits , exhausting myself at the end and not knowing when to stop..

 Some people call it high achievers, taking no, for the answers…now, I call it never outgrowing our childhood superhero costume and trying to prove to ourselves and to the world how wonderful we are and above “the rest”. Ego is a very tricky little thing, convincing us we need this type of behavior to pass “the test” to feel good about ourselves …proud, accomplished with high self esteem… almost omnipotent.

 I had in my mind the portrait of the hero. The idea of the knight fighting for the right cause against all odds…very romantic picture…I have to say…J

Couple of years ago, I met someone with very different outlook on life …one may say, eastern philosophy…We became friends and he helped me a lot , but one day he asked me with a laughing twinkle in his eyes …why do I always travel against “the river’s current”…maybe, I should try ..the other way….”The other way..?”My eyes opened up with surprise and confusion…”there is no other way…what do you mean? “ I asked …After his explanation…I absolutely hated the idea of being a  “helpless” leaf in the river’s stream J.

 I was proud of my “heroic” stands in life...that’s what defined me…and he asked me to just “go with the flow”…”Never”!!!

 Few years later. ..I learned few more lessons from “living” and begin to reexamine my friend’s idea of letting be … a part of the life, going in the same direction and not being always the opposing force…I am still learning  it … the very subtle dance of different elements… it takes sensitivity to know when its the time to be strong and when is the time to accept “defeat”, when is this the  need of my soul or work of the ego…

  That’s true , no one gave us the set of instructions to this life maze …we were just giving a chance to participate…to figure out the rules, find the best game plan and keep moving on, to the unknown.

 Sound like pretty intense and at times insane “game” but that’s the only one we have…We are lucky to be part of it…of course its not always easy…we don’t know the outcome, feel lonely and lost at times or not sure of direction…..But , we also feel immensely happy , full of love , compassion , appreciation of every moment … I said,  ying and yang couldn’t exist without the other….we may not like that “unity of opposition “ but we are the  living part of its testimony .

 So live it to the fullest with no regrets, let go of the fear of the  unknown , accept the change as the  basic element in living, allow yourself to feel happy, don’t let the guilt dictates your actions…love as much as you can ... and  never ever close  your heart …J)




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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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