Media 75 Day 03-16

by Administrator 16. March 2011 04:40

We are bombarded with the news…anywhere we look around. Information about the world became easily accessible. We can at any given moment find the latest news from anywhere we want. Sometimes it feels overwhelming …especially, when all we can read is scary, depressing or trivial. I am not suggesting becoming an impenetrable human island…tuned to its own reality. I am simply wondering what an emotional effect of constant negativity can do..? Obviously, it can’t be good for us…living in the fear …or despair…We need to find balance between awareness, participation in our physical world… very often, full of sad news and our spiritual world, giving us meaning, hope, faith ,positivity and future.

Someone said before that, the most powerful forces on the earth are not the natural one…but thoughts and ideas of the mind.  Varied studies showed the powerful effect of thoughts on biochemistry of the physical body. Negative thoughts affect not only our bodies but mind.  Let’s see how Wikipedia defines fear…” It is distressing emotion induced by perceived threat. Our basic survival mechanism in response to pain or danger, known also as  “Fight or Flight” response. Worth noting, fear almost always relates to future events…such as worsening of the situation or continuation, which is unacceptable”.  There is a term called “culture of fear”…which has been used in couple of last years to describe creating fear in the society for certain gains. I am not going to argue if it’s true or not …but it is highly visible that majority of people are living in constant fear of what is happening around them. Feeling of helplessness due to living in our surrounding world…which threatens our basic needs… From clearly medical point of view daily worrying and stress can trigger a multitude of problems. The fight or flight response causes sympathetic nervous system to release hormones …such as cortisol. These hormones can boost blood sugar levels and triglycerides that can be used by body for fuel. Also they may cause physical reactions like…fast heartbeat, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches and tension, shortness of breath etc. When this fuel in blood is not used for physical activities, the chronic anxiety and stress hormones can cause serious problems such as heart attack, suppression of immune system, digestive disorders, muscle tension and more…even lead to depression.

I always saw my life and myself through “my story telling”…I lived, learned, experienced and build my personal history with my fables to be told… It’s nothing unusual after all…humans learned for thousands of years through story telling…its innate part of us… Well, the story telling changed a lot…it’s not the fire in the middle of prehistoric cave…not suggesting a change for that…by no means… There are some great story tellers…some good books…interesting speakers… family members…and there is the modern, very powerful story telling medium...television … If our mass media shows us constantly how dangerous and violent the world is…we learn …our story well… We are beginning to see the world around us like that…George  Gebner described that as a “ Mean World Syndrome ” and said “You know, who tells the stories of the culture really governs human behaviour…it use to be the parent, school , church, community….” not anymore…

Actually, I never knew…well, never research that before ...there is the term called FUD….? …. What…yes …it means Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt- tactic used in sales, ,public relations..politics… and propaganda. FUD strategic is to influence public perception…by false information..undermining..It could be very crude ex.” I read paper from Harvard professor which shows you are wrong on “that” subject”…of course paper doesn’t exist… or more subtle approach… This is the example of misinformation and is based on appeal to fear.

According to former journalist Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel  the  24 hours news creates competition for audience. This coupled with profit demand of their corporate ownership has led to the decline in journalistic standards. In their book “ Warp Speed: America in the Age of Mixed Media they write that press moved toward sensationalism, entertainment and opinion away from traditional values of verification, proportion, depth and quality of interpretation.

I think it’s good to be aware of discrepancy between real world and news around us and just media… After all …we are on receiving end…and we are facing its consequences. Increasing pace of our society is matched in increased and readily available news…  We live faster and get more information…but we are not necessary smarter …or better informed… Its challenging to have your own point of view in this massive attack on our senses… The bottom line is …we have to think for ourselves… about making choices, about information, which is reliable and beneficial to us. Making our own opinion …not only based on ready fix of media…. What is the most important , we should never underestimate power of the word, thought or message and affect on us…It will affect us…there is no doubt…our life and wellbeing. It’s our job…to create an intelligent balance between being the part of the world and human community and our individual sphere…Need to create a place of peace …even if it’s only in our personal reality… through spiritual, religious or philosophical means. This balance is crucial to our surviving….in much broader sense of the term… Let’s focus once in a while on positive, uplifting and heartwarming storytelling…I believe we need it more then we realize….


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