The Art of Relaxing 16th Day

by Administrator 16. January 2011 01:40

I would like to talk today about “doing nothing”…

 This seemingly wasted time of minutes  ,hours or even  days. Time with no expectations, goals, hidden agenda, achievements …just being there.

 When my kids were little, they were involved in a quite few after school activities…we had boy scout meetings at my home (have been the leader for few years), soccer, swimming, girl scouts, theatre, art classes, karate, football, piano lessons, well...after all, I am a mom of four kids and each of them had different interests. At times it was so overwhelming…. I’ve had just enough time to drive by my home, “deliver” one to the doorsteps and “pick up the “new package” on the way to another “enriching activity”. My first born, Konrad was “the victim” of my  experiment in “trying to be the best parent” attitude , “going all the way and by the book” , making sure no opportunities for development were lost. We had lots of fun together …but were rarely at home…full time busy.

 I thought that something was missing … the unscripted, easy, spontaneous time together and a chance to be able to get to know each other. As I became more and more experienced parent, I’ve relaxed a lot and started to value “doing nothing moments”… “laziness” with no schedule and purpose…We just “hang out” together and did anything that came to our mind…from puzzles, reading , playing, painting, listenning to the music ….to just enjoying each other company...being silly, funny or having more serious talks. No looking at the clock to follow the exact schedule or pressure to learn constantly and not to miss “the windows of opportunity”.

 We all need time like that, in our we can relax, unwind, get to know ourselves , with no pressure to perform or achieve. It doesn’t have to be the version of the “couch potato”, on the contrary…you can go for   spontaneous walk through the neighborhood…”picking up the flowers” J, stopping by the lake and enjoying the moment or relax looking at the pages of “old and forgotten” photo albums, reminiscing...  Go to the bookstore and brows through variety of sections, letting your mind wonder and dream, pick a bottle of good wine and couple of  ingredients to let your imagination go wild,  cooking something with no recipe, for no particular reason...all awhile listening to this famous overture….you've  always wanted to hear. It may be as simple as lighting up a wonderfully scented candle and closing your eyes for few minutes.

 Point is to give yourself a chance to reconnect with your soul, your inner child, creative part, to step out of the “rat race” for a moment … and enjoy time, by just being you.

 My first yoga class" happened" about 10 years ago. I went there to prove to myself it’s all just “talk”, how amazing it is… I assumed people were always looking for new …better way to exercise , to stay fit…All my life I was very active and enjoyed  variety of sports ex. skiing , skating , gymnastics, running …but they were more of competitive type, requiring stamina and endurance. Never tried anything relaxing...(not that yoga doesn't require being strong ,just opposite...its quite challenging, but you dont "compete" with anyone...just focus on yourself and develope awareness of body,mind,soul connection ).

  After the class, I hardly could talk , I was surprise what I found… Felt so relax but not tired, energized but calm…the unknown state to me....and to be totally honest..challenged . I was fit before...but that was something , completely different...holding poses was not easy for me and my sense of  balance ...lets say it... was very poor....

 Couldn’t believe how, two opposing forces can exist in your body in peaceful unison.  My first yoga teacher was an absolutely wonderful lady, full of knowledge and intuition  how to guide her students to achieve a balance between power and relaxation…She knew how to convey the message of going to the end of your limits but at the same time knowing when to step back and patiently wait, if its necessary…

One of her first lessons is still so fresh in my mind…I remember her saying ( just before Savasana…aka dead corpse pose) how our western society is teaching us importance of achieving more , striving to be always better , pushing to the limits…but it never gives us a lesson how to relax, let  go, stay still in the moment. Savasana pose turns out to be one of the most difficult, for a lot of people…It was for me too…becoming aware of your body in that way, learning to just be, feeling your breath and existing without boundaries…It is also the most important pose ….

So why not, in addition, to regular yoga or any other classes ( meditation , tai chi) to  embrace the idea of just  “living yoga” throughout our life in everyday activities, not only on the mat, but more importantly off… To strive to find in each day, time to just reconnect, “do nothing”, “recharge the batteries”,  be mindful, not to rush, find  peace and silence  within….  I believe , living this way will help us to feel more grounded in our lives , able to achieve balance more easily and experience happiness.

´╗┐Next time you are relaxing , having blast doing something you love or letting  moments to pass you by, without feeling guilty of being "nonproductive", in other words.... "doing nothing", remind yourself how important it is for you ,your life and people around you...Insist on having this time, for youself ...even for a  few minutes every day , notice how it makes you feel and take a  lesson from it ....Its ok to do "nothing" from time to time it is even necessary.



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The Little Prince

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"Of course," I answered.

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