The Hummingbirds 61st Day 03-02

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He was already late…. It was very stressful morning at the office…. crossing the street with quick and energetic steps, he looked at his watch to see how much time was left, before meeting her. It was a quarter to one …he will never make it on time… “Alice doesn’t like it, when I am late “…he reminded himself. Feeling nervous checked his watch again, hoping it will miraculously show different hour.  “Excuse me”… he apologized swiftly for almost knocking the young man out of his bike. He noticed few bouquets of the flowers on the pavement, next to the bike and picked it up promptly. The young man smiled politely and placed them on the front of his bike, in the basket full of flowers. John could smell intensely sweet scent of the roses and that, reminded him of the  dreamy look on the Alice’s face when he bought her flowers for the Valentine…Suddenly, the brilliant idea grew into the decision to buy one of those gorgeous bouquets. “How much for the red one ? “he asked, searching for the money in his pocket…The young man didn’t answer, just pointed to the right of him with the big smile on his face. John looked at that direction and saw the very small flower shop, with the paintings of the hummingbirds in the front window.

  Before he knew it, he was inside….looking at variety of flowers…The lovely young woman with strikingly beautiful looks approached him, asking  if she can help him to find something…special…” I don’t know …I suppose roses…I am already late …” John answered impatiently...  Her long, almost black hair and brown eyes with the longest eyelashes he has ever seen, made him  forget about time for the moment… She was smiling and looking straight into his eyes with warmth and friendliness. “Is it for a friend or…special friend..?” she paused for a moment. “For a special friend…” John answered slowly, as if thinking about each word…” I think she likes roses...” he added with the thoughtful expression. The young woman stepped away and move to the far right corner of the store, next to the chimes ….She came back holding the single orange rose …” Your friend will like this one…"Its the Lady Emma “ she said with the cheerful tone in her voice..” Smell it “…she tilted the rose, toward John’s face…looking at him intensely …” Strong, fruity scent…” she whispered and took the deep breath in.   “ I will take it “  John exclaimed without hesitation… The door opened and the soft sound of the bell announced someone else coming to the store.  “Hello Mrs Davis, How are you today? I will be with you in few minutes” the young women waved to the lady entering the store and went to get few more roses …”Twelve..?” she asked as she started putting them in the lovely bouquet… John nodded ….He felt peaceful and happy… “It must be all this powerful scent” he sighted ….As he handed her money, he smiled broadly and said “Thank you …they look beautiful…” Holding flowers in his hand, slowly walked out of the store feeling refresh, looking forward to meeting with Anna and smiling at the thought of how it will surprise her…. The gentle sound of the chimes in the shape of hummingbirds made him feel like a kid again….

 Isabella felt happy…the Lady Emma was the perfect choice…she was sure, both of them will enjoy their time together…  She turned her head toward her other customer and started walking, focusing her attention on Mrs Davis. She was her regular…for the past year… “How are you, Mrs. Davis today?” Isabella asked with a slight concern in her voice. “As good as I can be, my dear….” the nicely dressed, middle aged woman answered, giving the aura of distinctive sadness... “ Are you on the way to the hospital?  “Isabella asked in the deliberately casual tone of the voice… The woman nodded her head and looked away …. “What kind of the flowers would you like to bring him today..?” Isabella inquired. Mrs Davis gave her a quick look and said with the conviction “You choose…It seems, he loves anything you pick up for him. It makes him feel better…please…” Isabella moved closer to the women and touched her tenderly on her shoulder…Mrs Davis turned her face toward Isabella and grabbed her hand squeezing it tightly…The single drop of the tear appeared on the side of her cheek and started slow journey, traveling down the tired face. She pulled away and touched it with the embarrassed gesture….” I usually don’t do that….I don’t cry anymore…I don’t know what is wrong with me today...”she announced apologetically. Isabella was looking at her, with the obvious concern in her eyes….” You have to believe he will be all right…You are a very strong woman and he needs you more than ever” she stated calmly.  Mrs Davis took a deep breath in and exclaimed softly “I know you are right…I am just so afraid…”  “I know you are “Isabella nodded, feeling the knot at the base of her throat…” We all are afraid time or another…”   “ You love him and that is all that matters right now…spend time with him …he is afraid too”… Isabella closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again, she quickly went to the back of the store…  Came back with the bunch of the flowers looking more, as something you would pick up at the meadows…wild and unassuming with simplicity and with distinctive but difficult to describe scent ….” These are good for today…he will be happy with them…” Isabella smiled and handed them to the women…”Thank you”  the woman took them and started walking to the cash register….” It’s a gift…from me…” Isabella interrupted softly “No! I can’t do it…” Mrs Davis protested. “You need to …it will work better…trust me…next time you will buy some more flowers…” Isabella’s convincing tone didn’t invite any discussion. Mrs Davis nodded quietly and started leaving the store…”Just a minute...” Isabella stopped her before she could leave…she handed her a beautiful single, red rose and exclaimed “This one is from you to him….he will love it even more…”The woman looked at the rose, smiled with the understanding, then locked her eyes with Isabella’s and whispered …” Thank you for reminding me…we have been together for thirty years…and nothing can change this …nothing…even that…” She left the store, smelling the alluring scent of the red rose and suddenly feeling grateful for all these years spend together with her husband. She remembered the good days and the more difficult one too…but she knew, it was long and wonderful journey together, which was not over yet…worth fighting for and worth to be cherished…in the every single moment in time…She started walking faster…he was waiting for her in the hospital and she couldn’t wait to see him again…

 The clock struck two times…Isabella tenderly touched the fragile and intricate ornaments on the old clock…It belonged to her grandmother…the delicate curving showed the picture of the rose and the hummingbirds…They were her favorites…Maybe her grandma would know better what to give to Mrs Davis’ husband …Her grandmother was a wise woman...she learned everything from her father… They both have been helping people to feel better…She remembers her house, when she was a little girl…always full of drying herbs and other natural remedies. Bella, her grandma would take her for walks to pick up fresh flowers and herbs…Isabella would follow closely her instructions…and teachings…

 The doorbell sounded again, this time the door opened and closed with no one coming in….Isabella stared cautiously with the interest in her eyes. “Hello…anybody out there..?” she asked…..”It’s just me...” she heard the quiet voice and saw a little boy, looking unsure and shy… ‘And I thought you might be a ghost”…she laughed out loud…The boy looked at her a bit confuse. “I am not a ghost” he said firmly…  Isabella gave him a big smile and said chuckling “It’s even better”. The boy, maybe about ten years of age was looking around with the interest on his face… “Wow…a lot of flowers…”he whispered to himself. “ Which one do you like? “ She asked softly , watching his face… “ I like everything…but it’s not for me…Its for my mom…” he admitted . “What are your mom’s favorite flowers…do you know?”  he hesitated for a moment and then scratching his head he pointed to roses…” She likes those…I mean she use to …before…my father…” he stopped in the middle of sentence …weighting his words carefully…” before he left…” he finished the though and bit his lower lip ….  Isabella walked to him and took his hand, holding on tightly…lets walk around the store…maybe you will find something else she likes….The boy was looking around, turning his head from left to right but he didn’t pick up any flowers or utter a single word…Then he stopped in front of the chimes and started watching the hummingbirds ….” I like those” he said decisively … “What are they..?” he asked with interest in his voice... Isabella’s face brightened up. These are hummingbirds…very special, fast and small birds…It is believed they are the messengers of love, joy and beauty…also symbol of the peace, happiness and tireless energy. My grandma believed they teach us how to find miracle of joyful living in everyday circumstances and also how to accomplish something which seems to be impossible….The boy’s face lighted up….They can teach you how to heal too…Isabella continued…They are fiercely independent and they will die if they are caught, caged or imprisoned…My great grandfather knew the dance …hummingbird dance…which could restore the natural balance of the world…  “I love it “he whispered… Isabella reached for the one of the hummingbirds chimes and took it down …showing it to the boy… “I will buy it” he announced with an excitement.  Isabella smiled and turned around to grab a beautiful small bouquet of white daises…”Your mom…will love them...”  The boy showed a concern look …” I don’t know if I have enough money…” he stated. “You do…” Isabella answered…  He reached to his pocket and took out ten dollar bill...” That’s all I have…” he said looking unsure…” As I said, its exactly how much it is…” Isabella smiled, putting his hummingbird chimes into the sheet of plain brown paper… “Don’t forget the daises” she reminded him … and watched him walked out , carrying the hummingbirds as if they were  the treasures….

 Isabella loved her little flower shop, it reminded her of home and family she left behind…It was her world , inside here…full of daises, roses, tulips, violets, gardenias, carnations and more… She watched the tall, young man with the nice smile, carefully stopping his bike in front of her store…he finished his delivery…She liked his friendly and cheerful disposition, big, honest smile and the way he was watching her, when he thought she didn’t see that….He opened the door and walked in bringing the air of honesty, truth and hope…he was holding a small bouquet of flowers…forget- me- not… Isabella knew, he would never want to catch a hummingbird…he would rather enjoy its company and friendship…

“These are for you…” he said with a twinkle in his eyes… It was a perfect choice for her…she absolutely loved them….







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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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