Dare To Be Yourself 25th Day

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Be yourself ….what does it exactly mean or imply..?

  Not to copy anyone around you and be brave enough, to lose the “social mask “of conformity? Or could it mean  "to  be on the quest' to find yourself, to discover, to let it shine through you …

All of the above apply...What is needed, is the effort to make a lifelong commitment to the truth, the daring act of inquisition based on curiosity, respect and love for oneself. It sounds very self absorbed …but only, if we stop at learning about our ego , taking one step farther to include our inner self ( soul) will change dimensions in favor of spirituality and enlightenment. It always puzzles me, how some people are just seemingly satisfied at being the cookie cutter version of somebody else. Where is the fun and satisfaction in it, or magic of discovering life through each and every single cell in your body and giving it the unique meaning? There is one reason, I can see, as mostly responsible for wanting to be like everyone else … fear…. to be different, not accepted, misunderstood, on the outside ….casted away and lonely…

  Need for belonging and acceptance is the key to the mystery of settling for less, without a” fight”. To understand it better, one would have to examine the reasons for the need to be accepted. Why are we willing to sacrifice so much, just to earn the right to be validated by others? Could it be, that  real answer will lead us to the most important word in our human vocabulary…love…?..and an unquestionable need for it ?

When we are born, we are immediately “given” the set of instinctual behavior (reflexes) helping us to cope with “strange”, new world. We have the basics covered…. But then, as we grow and mature, we begin to learn…to be better adapted to our life .We learn a lot by imitating or one may say mimicking others. It doesn’t take us long to figure out which behavior is accepted and which is not so welcomed… Our social upbringing is on the way.  The point is, our learning to some degree is based and influence by watching other’s behavior and the feedback we receive.

 We learn and accept set of action/reaction typical of the social group. At the same time, our parental unconditional love of early childhood is “tarnished” with defined and socially influenced sets of dos and don’ts, resulting in acceptance or disapproval. We are taking our first steps toward lifelong search for acceptance and love.

 By passively accepting only the values, ideas and characteristic of social circle of conformity, because of the fear of rejection and need to be loved, we end up only with the illusion of belonging … The real connection can only happen through engaging your spirit and the sense of uniqueness, freely, unconditionally in universal, human family.

There is, a lot of paradox in it…to be yourself, happy and connected, you need the faith and courage to venture to the unknown and to leave safe “conformity cage” behind , dare to feel  isolated and misunderstood at a times.

Break "your bonds", so you can build  the new one ,based on deeper understanding and unity. By doing it, you have a  chance to find your true self by examinining your beliefs, likes and dislikes, ideas, thoughts and emotions.  From that knowledge and awareness comes acceptance of your unique self, understanding, love and feeling of connection with everyone and everything around you.

You feel as a vital part of social group, not because you desperately need the constant flow of reassurance, belonging and loving, but because you have become the expression of that source , standing stronger on your own and feeling more compassionate at the same time. You will feel well balance in ability to express you own uniqueness and at the same time to embrace idea of connection, as a part of the bigger universe.

 This seemingly opposition or duality, brings wholeness and new meaning to “belonging”. Living your life simultaneously, in two totally different planes, of individuality and collectivity is peaceful , multidimensional and simple at the same time. 

 You know and feel that we, human beings always …. were, are and will be connected …not only by our thoughts , emotions , our human family , beautiful Blue Planet or even the Universe…….but by the Source of it….. everlasting, ever present and penetrating each quark of energy.


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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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