Joanna - The Cottage 66th Day 03-07

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The woman, dressed in the white lace dress was sitting at the desk, writing. She would pause from time to time, to use a handkerchief she was holding in her left hand, to gently pat her eyes… Her long, dark locks were cascading toward her back in the lovely maze. Joanna couldn’t help to feel sorry and wanted to say something to comfort her… She moved toward the desk, by taking a forward step and causing the floor to squeak.  Woman stopped writing, lifted her head and turned it slightly to the right, showing the delicate profile… Joanna held her breath in the anticipation….

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”  the man’s voice awakened her abruptly…She opened her eyes to see young man standing to the left of her and pointing to the only unoccupied seat, next to her. Joanna acknowledged his question with her head shaking from left to right and slightly moving toward the window. The young man placed his bag on the shelf above the seats and sit down next to Joanna. “I am sorry to wake you up…didn’t mean to startle you”  he said apologetically. Joanna was not fully awake … part of her, was  still in the room, with the woman in the white dress… “ Pardon me, did you say something? “  she asked, looking to her left and suddenly finding herself  face to face with the young man. He smiled, hardly controlling his urge to laugh and repeated  “Sorry to awaken you…”.  Joanna found his deep blue eyes with yellow speckles quite unusual…She blinked few times…getting back to reality… ”No..It’s quite all right …I was not supposed to fall asleep” she said quickly, turning away from him and looking straight ahead…

  Across from her, the little girl was playing with a small doll and looking at Joanna with curiosity. Joanna smiled and asked  “What’s her name? ” The girl’s face radiated with a pride  “Her name is Amanda…just like me…” she said brightly  “I see…very pretty name and a very nice doll”  Joanna smiled cheerfully. “What is your name?” Amanda asked with interest in her voice  “My name is Joanna…like my great-grandmother” she answered with a touch of reflection. “It’s pretty too...”  Amanda declared seriously.

Joanna smiled and looked away…observing the changing scenery, full of trees, shrubs and houses, in the distance looking unreal and resembling small models. She loved the country side… green, full of delightful colors and scents,  open…free to roam and explore…Her family was from Eau Claire, that’s where she was going today…to visit her aunt Sophie and her grandmother.

The train was slowing down and she was able to see in the distance , a few familiar sites. She could hardly wait to visit her family and to spend some time together. They finally arrived…she heard an announcement ….Eau Claire…. Joanna picked up her backpack, got up and excused herself,   trying to make her way to the door…” Goodbye everyone… and  have a safe trip…” she exclaimed in the joyful tone of the, voice and started walking impatiently, to get home as soon as possible. It wasn’t a long walk …a little to the right and then all the way to the top…no more than 10 minutes…

 “ So, we are neighbors after all….I thought your face looks familiar” the man’s voice followed her.  Joanna turned around to see her passenger “buddy” in the back, walking toward her with the happy smile. “Oh…you live here..? ” she asked in the friendly manner  “Occasionally”  the man answered   "Let me introduce myself…My name is Christopher …and I already know your name……Joanna……”   he smiled and extended his right hand. Joanna shook his hand, giving him a bright smile and then said  “Pleasure to meet you Christopher… I guess...we may run into each other in such a small place and she opened her arms to point to the area around…”.    “Not so small…if you know all secret places…” he chuckled…” I see…. a lot of inside information…” she lowered her voice and started whispering. “We have to keep quiet about that… and keep it a secret…” he began laughing, exclaiming in the deliberately hurt tone of the voice… ” like to make fun of  people? ”.  Joanna smiled and realized, that she likes him, and the way he makes her feel…easy and relax…just being herself…His eyes full of live, sparkled with energy, optimism and genuine  kindness…beautifully  blue with…yellow speckles….

“I really have to go…I am late"  she declared with a serious face and waved her hand in the casual goodbye…Turned around and started walking briskly…  ” So, we have a date…? “  She heard from behind.  Joanna turned, without stopping and as she continued to walk backwards she shouted…”Yes…if you show me the secrets…”.   “You got it…that’s a promise….” he responded.

The small, cottage style house was painted in a light peach color with white shutters and columns. Front area consisted of a fairly large porch with couple of chairs, tables and a swing. Variety of trees and shrubs with flowers decorated the simple exterior.  As soon, as Joanna entered the steps, leading toward the porch , she could smell perfumed scent of the flowers…In the instant, it brought back the memories from childhood…she remembered her mother sitting on the front porch, gently rocking in the chair and looking at something in the distance…

“Here you are ….and we were worried about you…Why don’t you ever answer your phone..? What is the use of having it, if you never pick it up..?”  the middle age woman with an attractive features and energetic gestures opened her arms and gave Joanna  a big hug…

“ I am sorry…it must be out of batteries or turned off ”  she exclaimed, feeling guilty… “Don’t worry …the most important, you are here...” her aunt looked pleased and excited about Joanna’s arrival. “How was your trip..? “   Sophia asked, examining Joanna’s face…”.   It was good …no problem...” Joanna answered…thinking about the young man she met….

It’s your home…you know the drill...except you have to sleep in the guest bedroom…we wanted to spruce up your room…with the fresh coat of paint. “That would be nice”  Joanna nodded agreeably and started walking toward the back of the house. It was a small but very feminine looking bedroom, used as a guest room  but originally belonging to  great- grandmother, she shared her name with …..Joanna always loved this room…simple, yet romantic and sensual…the array of unusual knick knacks, drawings and paintings…Klimt ...she knew him…her great- grandmother's favorite artist…rebel  and genius of its times…

Joanna sat down on the bed and touched the soft bedcover with the print of lovely, artistic flowers in the pastel colors….She smiled…her great – grandmother had a similar taste…she felt good and relaxed in this room. Suddenly, she remembered  her pendant and took it out of the back pack to see it again…There was a knock on the door and she heard her grandma asking if she can come in  …” Of course” …Joanna quickly got up and opened the door.”  Grandma…How are you?  You are looking splendid”  Joanna said, giving her a big kiss.  “ I am good as always…” she stated…” glad you are back honey…come to the kitchen and have something to eat ...I have your favorite dessert… cheese/strawberries crapes with sweet cream… ” Grandma…you always remember….”  Joanna sighted… “Wait, let me show you something…I've bought this morning…Its absolutely beautiful…don’t you just love it?” Joanna raced to the bed and got back holding the Moonstone pendant…

Grandmother was looking at it with a surprise, impossible to hide ….”Where did you get it..? ”  she asked “ In a small store…close to my home…when I was walking to the train station…I love it…”  Joanna kept looking at the pendant, unaware of the shock in her grandma’s eyes… Then, she realized…something was not right, when she noticed her grandma not moving and looking intensely at the pendant…” What’s don’t like it? “  she sounded confused… Her grandmother looked into her eyes and sai  ” It’s nothing…I just saw exactly the same one …before… many years ago…I am sure this one is different…” she turned around and walked toward the kitchen without a word….

“It’s strange…” Joanna though….I guess grandma is getting older… and there is nothing we can do about it…She walked toward a small mirror and put her pendant on … Touched it , feeling as it always belonged to her…then, examined  herself in the mirror… Joanna felt elegant and graceful … started imagining the large ballroom dance floor with  crystal chandeliers above her head and colorful crowd of people around. She was twirling into the rhythm of the Viennese Waltz ….flying through the air, feeling light, free and immensely happy…She saw her pendant in a flight, closely following her body…shimmering with the magical blue light…now and forever….

To be continued


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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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