"Personal Environment" 30th Day

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Over the course of the years, I’ve resigned to see my life as something, I create daily. Attempting to “control” with understanding and expectation of the unexpected, being ready to be flexible and at the end always learning, enjoying, hoping, dreaming and looking to the future.

 The occurrence of the events, entering my life is not up to me in a lot of cases… on the other hand, the way how I react to it……is.  Though, there is the area which we may “play” with and change  its “data” to have the positive effect on us.

I am referring to the broad definition of the word “environment”. We are not the islands after all, but rather small cities, living the life in connection to the world around us, codependent and influenced by.

So…. to make the “game of life” a tiny bit more predictable, we have the ability to choose our responses and also, make a choice to change our environment to our advantage. No… I am not the magician and I can’t have the quick, desirable impact on our “big” environment such as …air pollution, water supply or weather. Though, one may argue, that if you are “green” on even small personal scale …it makes a difference. I truly believe it does, coupled with the education and perseverance.

I am referring to a smaller scale of environment; in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense, the one we can consciously influence and change to our advantage.

The easiest distinction of our immediate environment would be to divide every day into two locations of our activity: home and work. I am going to assume we have a lot to say about, where we live and how. The place we choose to call home is not by definition the address and couple of the walls...it’s much more. From purely physical aspect of living in the space not polluted by chemicals, clean and organized, uncluttered with inclusion of live plants …maybe some pets ( if the allergy and personality needs aloud) and beneficial lighting to emotional energy as in relationships between members.

 All of the above has an impact on us and we want as much “positive” in life, as we can get. I imagine sometime the beautiful crystal pitcher full of clear water and try to find the way to fill it to the top… to use, when I will need it, in the time of stress. It’s like having an emergency saving account, where we can put money in case …. We will need it sooner or later, stress is the unavoidable part of our existence, but if we are ready for it, by creating a balanced and wholesome life, we can handle it so much better.

Physical aspect of our homes are fairly easy to change…few new air filters, live plants… bringing the nature inside ( it literally changes the air and feeling of the room),  maybe a small, water fountain ( even the one for the table top….sound of water is so soothing …good for bedroom),  or fish tank…(personally love it and had one for years… requires little maintenance, but it’s fun and educational …especially if you have kids), some organizing ( if you  don’t use it, wear it …give it to someone …they may really need it …and it will teach you not to hoard everything..).

Maybe , having a pet…dog , cat or birds…had all the above…yes …more cleaning but you may get  a chance to exercise ( walk with dog), have a friend for life, teach the kids responsibility, just enjoy each other company.  I absolutely like to wake up to the sounds of my two canaries singing…pure forest…and relaxation. They have been numerous studies on importance of having pets, from reducing the stress to learning how to care, bond and love. I just like the “little monsters”.

Having the music you like, available for listening or movies which make you feel good, books lifting your spirit and educating, engaging in hobbies or having your favorite images of different paintings, drawings, and sculptures around. Decorating the house, the way that makes you feel happy (colors are quite important) and expressive of yourself.  

Create your home environment so it is the source of comfort for you, to help you feel relaxed, stress free but at the same time alive …. At this point my “pitcher “of good vibrations is filled to the top….to face an unexpected and stressful events and help me stay balanced.

 The same applies to emotional aspect at home...which is harder to “control”…after all other people are their own universes and not the pawns we can control. What helps is setting the rules of “safe haven”…home for me is meant to be the safe place for all its members but taking individuality into consideration. It’s also a lesson in social interactions… but I try to insist on rule number one…no harm (in all aspects).

Even here, we always have a choice…to leave the place, which no longer is supporting us as a person. Emotional or physical abuse from someone else at home should never be accepted and condoned. It’s not an easy decision, from many perspectives but it’s always the right one.

The same applies to work…many times we feel we don’t have that much flexibility…but just trying to create the best environment at given condition and understanding it’s important for our wellbeing can change few things. Again if nothing works …always “preserve” yourself over the amount of money you are making…because at the end you are much more important than all material goods you can acquire. I always believed in that and tried to support my husband in decisions to leave place where he was not happy or encourage him to try new things. Though, he is a high achiever, responsible and hard working…it was never a difficult job on my part.

Point is, try to get a head start in this game of stress, keep investing in “your savings” any way it’s beneficial to you. They were just few examples of what works for me and there are many more…such as, involving your creative part, by expressing yourself in various ways ….dancing, painting, playing the instrument, writing….

Also, very important (at least for me) is spirituality, religion or you may call it your philosophy in life. Unquestionably it helps you to withstand the most difficult challenges. How and by which means you feel that you can connect with the Universe , your soul , God or Source of everything…that’s the correct way for you, to find the answers and to ground yourself with understanding and love. This type of “environment” is very internal and personal but by all means crucial to our strengths, hopes and the will to live and be positive.

These are the “little shortcuts” in the constant battle to balance so many things in our life. To know what we can do to our advantage is the first step in creating better chance for us…Not the “control”…that would be an illusion, but…after all “chance” sounds pretty good to me. I am an optimist and the believer….and maybe,  just maybe…. the “chance” has brought me here….



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

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