Do You Want To Race..? 56th Day 02-25

by Administrator 25. February 2011 04:36

“Do you want to race…?” The confrontational accent of the question didn’t leave much room for the discussion…Kate was fully aware; it’s more of the challenge than just a friendly game. Her playmate was watching her face carefully, with slightly closed eyes and a confident smile of self assurance. Kate couldn’t refuse …she didn’t dare ….Amanda was a picture of perfection… They were not very close friends, but they lived in the same neighborhood and attended the same school. Almost the same age, but according to Kate’s perception light years apart.

  Amanda invited her over to her house to play and to show her the collection of the post stamps. Kate was excited to visit her…she didn’t have many friends, felt shy and awkward in many social situations.  Amanda was beaming with pride, presenting her impressive assembly of stamps from all over the world. They were carefully categorized, organized and arranged in protective see through sleeves.  She was exited to show Kate the gallery of stamps, with her eyes glistening with pride; she was talking fast with the conviction of the well planned impact. Amanda looked as the seasoned actor on the stage, rehearsing her lines and following her script without a moment of the hesitation. Kate was quite speechless… how everything was perfectly organized ….She was listening to Amanda’s monologue, watching her engaged body in the process of the explanation….having distinctive feeling that Amanda didn’t even need her in the same room…Kate was playing the role of the humble audience, left breathless and impressed beyond all measures…Truth to be said…Kate was impressed not only by a sheer number of the stamps, but also by Amanda’s confidence…. “Well…we need to go” Amanda proclaimed without even asking her guest if she would like to stay a little longer…. Kate got up and started helping her to clean up; acutely aware that, they didn’t even play…. She felt “used” and not able to offer anything in exchange….she didn’t have any collection or as a matter of fact ...nothing to brag about…Amanda moved around the room in a quick and deliberate motion, putting everything into pristine condition….Kate was wondering how many times before she was doing this “ show and tell”….

 The unanswered question to race, was “hanging in the air” only for a moment, which seemed to Kate as a painful defeat of eternity…. “Of course, let’s race “she finally spoke, having a feeling that her day of a humble pie was not over yet….” One, two, three go….”, they started running on the narrow sidewalk, next to her house…Kate was watching in despair, how easily Amanda sprinted into the action and passed her effortlessly with the big smile on her face…. to continue running  toward imaginary finish line , when the sidewalk ended…Kate was trying to catch her breath and make it to the end, despite sharp pain in her left side…The humiliation was complete….there was no doubt who was the winner …. in everything…Amanda was truly happy with herself, the race exhilarated her and made her jump with energy…” See you” she shouted and continued to skip toward her home….Kate couldn’t understand why she was so slow…started dragging her feet to walk back home….

 Kate was a good and the bright student but clearly bored at the school’s curriculum. She was just eight years old, but already in full discovery of skipping the full day of school and spending it somewhere else…Actually it was her favorite day…Tuesday…the local museum in the old castle, was open to the public for free….She would leave home as any other day, following her route to school for first 5 minutes, then she would turn sharply and continue on an exciting excursion…No one ever suspected her…she was too well behaved ,quiet and shy …with good grades. The old castle was almost “calling” her….everything about this place made her feel good and special…People who work there, knew her very well…they just smiled and ask her, like everybody else, to put the protective cloth “case” on the shoes … and not to damage the floors , which were the  strikingly beautiful mosaic of natural wood arranged in the artistic way .  Kate would walk along splendid old rooms of the castle (now turned into the National museum) and absorb …everything in the sight…paintings, art work, history…atmosphere… Museum attendants must have watched her initially, to make sure she behaved and didn't’ touch anything…but after few weeks…they got use to her and trusted enough, to leave her all by herself. She would catch occasional glimpse of a friendly smile…I guess, they figured out it was better education than school….

 Couple times a week, Kate would accompany her grandmother to the old and gorgeous church in the same neighborhood. She would pray among the side of her grandma and then watch people from lightly closed eyes, without an obvious staring. Kate loved the scent of the church…it was distinctive, difficult to describe …like the exotic herbs….The semi dark light inside the church, paired with the scent and a peaceful concentration had a certain allure helping her to spend …almost an hour every time. She looked at the faces of other people praying and felt as if she was allowed to uncover part of their hidden soul…The pain on their face or intensity in their prayers made her ask, wonder and think about different scenarios in life….What could cause so much unhappiness ? , Would she be the same, when she grows up? …..Would her face be wrinkled like that and her prayers will be the only salvation? As she stepped to the outside of the church, the bright light of the day marked different world… Which one was real?

 Kate’s racing “games” ending with loosing, became the tradition…except, she was the one asking Amanda to run… It’s been  already over six months and Kate was not able to win even once…Yes, she was getting stronger and the distance between them was getting smaller, but Amanda would win every time. It didn’t stop her from trying, giving Amanda full satisfaction …Amanda was a nice girl …she just wanted to be better than anybody else…She couldn’t understand why would Kate, put herself again and again to this heartache of loosing…Amanda knew she would win every time ….

This day was like any other …Kate wanted to race ….Amanda gave her a look …”Why?” but she agreed…liked to laughed at the end…as if saying "no chance…" “One, two, three go….” The girls started running among the same sidewalk they did for past six months…Kate was not looking at the Amanda at all …she just run….didn’t feel tired or slow…on the contrary strong and light…her steps were long and fast…She wasn’t trying to win…simply run…as fast as she could…she looked to her side, just to see Amanda as if, in slow motion…Kate was passing her without any problem…they both had a surprise look on their faces…Kate ..understood in the split of the second, that she will win today for the very first time…she smiled and started running even faster, leaving Amanda far in the back…Amanda was looking shocked and hurt …Kate almost felt sorry for her…. But no…the feeling of her accomplishment gave her wings…she did something; she questioned herself, if it’s possible at all…  Since that day they were racing many more times…but Kate would always win….neither one of them could understand why…. Kate competed on many other occasions, with other kids, different sports and she would win sometime and sometime she would lose…but she never forgot the feeling of that first win with Amanda …after all these months of trying… She understood, that all you can do, is just to try, do the best and never give up….the rest is up to life but if it happens, that you win…even from time to time….you will have the wings to fly and you will try to “fly” again… at different things… despite winning or losing….that’s the beauty of it….all you have to do is try….




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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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