Universe and Us 12th Day

by Administrator 12. January 2011 04:01

Most likely, all of us are familiar with Big Bang theory of the universe...

...which basically states that 15 billion years ago Universe expanded, more like a  big  cosmic fireball J to give a beginning of formation to the galaxies.

 That’s what I learned at school but lately I’ve come across different theory, proposing that Big Bang has occurred many times in our universe’s past, repeating at regular intervals, during which galaxies, planets  and life  formed. The result is the “cyclic universe” where cycles go on and on ...forever…

Well, wouldn’t be surprise by that…just looking around us, we can  notice  how surrounded we are by “cyclical characteristic “.

Earth cycles the sun in a year, seasons are changing in predictable manner, there are different cycles to the moon, water cycles, life cycles for us, humans…it seems that universe has the rhythm to it, repeating melody. We are part of it so, maybe cycles are also evident in our personal life..? 

 The “change” is the medium for it. I believe, we are all seeking in one or another way, "balance” in our lives, an  equilibrium, but many times after it is achieved its beginning to “deteriorate”…inner or outer elements are giving way to dissatisfaction, need for change, unpredictable flattering of “ butterfly  wings” having profound effect…..

Many times we fight the change, determined to hold on to well known, we are not willing to experiment with another “state of our existence”. The harder we fight the inevitable change, the more “combustible” it becomes…many times resulting in total destruction of “our life as we know it", sort of Big Bang on "personal level".

 The chaos is created, (according to us) life just call it “different reality” ex.( change in personal relationships, work, belief system…) and after a while “life’s energy “ is  again in pursuit of making sense out of “ the mess “ …to create an order. The  new system is established, “change”  took place…one cycle has been completed.

The big universe with stars and galaxies,  micro cosmos with the cells repeating dying and birth cycles and our small  personal, human universe of thoughts and emotions are in fact one and the same manifestation of  ever existing energy around us. Just seemingly different, but I believe “acting” according to the same rules or no apparent rules ...which is one and the same. No rules are just rules, we didn’t figure out yet…

What was always interesting to me was the fact, that we  resist change, even after we know, it will benefit us in some way ...is it a way for us to “stop” the time, giving us an illusion of infinity ? But “frozen” life in static form stops being a life, life is movement and we are the expression of it. 

 The way, we perceive and categorize change as “bad” or “good” also has some shortcomings. We  base it on our present knowledge, not very accurate and at times misleading. Looking at the  Big Picture, with comfort of perspective and of time passed, we realize, not every “bad”beginning of the story has a bad end and vice versa.

 This experiences should help us to develop calm minds…teaching us a lessons in unpredictability and need for certain stoic detachment. We may embrace the idea of constant change as a way of living, taking every day as a separate entity.

Stop assuming who we are, based on yesterday and have a fresh, childlike perception of the world around us.

 My “inner child”....  J  feels that, if we are an expression of cosmos/energy,  creating  life/energy , then cosmos = energy ; life = energy and as a result  cosmos = life . We are the cosmos, life and energy…not bad for us humans and the little blue planet J

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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

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"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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