"Magical Thinking",Undiscovered Science or Deeper Order 17th Day

by Administrator 17. January 2011 04:23

“Magical thinking”, undiscovered science or deeper order…

....all of us at one time or another, have experienced moments of pure coincidence in life. We were surprised or even astonished by sudden turn of event, caused by actions without clear cause and effect principle. It seemed as invisible glue linked them together, resulting in something connected to our life in meaningful way. The term for it is synchronicity and it was first described by Carl Jung .

 All I know is that, quite few times in my life, in the back of my mind I could “hear music playing” the famous theme from “Twilight Zone” …eerie.. Could it be just highly improbable coincidence or our mind “playing the game” with us, carefully filtering information we perceive, letting us notice only what is needed to “prove “ the thesis  ( buried somewhere deep in subconscious)..? Maybe it’s Life itself, seen as a puzzle with all pieces fitting together perfectly, “Big Picture” idea …where our destiny is being written according to the Master Plan…. Reaching to science fiction for an explanation, we may be the one”choosing” ....  in every millisecond, the reality we are living in. Based on our thoughts, expectations, needs, wants…we decide on one of the parallel Universes …”traveling sidewise”….

Carl Jung believed, after discussion with Albert Einstein, they were parallels between synchronicity and aspects of relativity theory and quantum mechanics .He also believed that life was not the series of random events but an expression of deeper order.

For right now in my life I will patiently resume the position of living through experiences, not being able to reach an answer to all of these questions. I will still marvel and reflect about certain events in my life but will accept no explanation at this time…They were many, different “stories”…but I’ve chosen this  one….

 The ones, which I keep alive in my memories are concerned with my kids and their well being…Just as every mother keeps thinking what if….

 The “strange” one, “coincidence “happened when my son was only about a year old. He loved to sit in the bathtub; playing with toys after all business of daily washing was done and over… I always sat next to the bathtub, watching him play …never living even for a moment.

But this particular day …I was extremely cautious.

I was watching him not in usual “relax” manner but more alert with my body tilted toward him and arms hovering over the water. I was still shaken a bit from the dream I had last night. First time ever, since my grandma died …dreamed about her. When she was alive ...she used to made fun of me ( knowing how scared I was of ghosts) ,teasing and telling, that she will “haunt” me after she passes away…if I don’t behave… I was very mischievous child..simply “Dennis the Menace”….but both of my grandmothers  were like the  mothers to me, raised me and made me feel loved, special and unique.

 I never had a dream about her until that day…and so far never after (over 20 years ago). I dreamed, I was in my mom’s house and walked into the bathroom …just to see my grandma, fully clothed in the bathtub….I was not scared at all in the dream...so happy to see her, missed her so much…she looked beautiful and alive…her eyes wide open (she had blue eyes).But, as I was feeling happy, at that instant of the second I’ve noticed she was lying under the water..her eyes open staring into the space….there was something so scary in this picture, I woke up immediately, shaking to the core and not able to go back to sleep. So, next day…with Konrad ( my son) …I have been extra cautious  for “some” reason …and he… did something, he never did before or after …suddenly in the split of the second he pulled himself up and dived into the soapy bathtub water, head first, “gulping” it….If I wouldn’t be there with my hands , practically in the water,  next to him…even few seconds would make big difference…water was slippery…couldn’t get a hold of him with first try….He was ok…coughed up some water and gave a big cry…. What if….I wouldn’t have that dream…I prefer to see the Big Picture and to thank  God…….


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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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