by Agnieszka 2. August 2011 16:02

Yesterday … as I opened  the  box  full of my old pictures…dating somewhere  from 20 – 25 years ago and more,  I saw my life reflecting  back at me in  the multitude of frozen snapshots. It looked like one continuous event of births, nursing and raising my four kids. Pregnancies, quickly followed by milestones of birthdays, days of school, vacations and celebrations of life events… Over twenty years of time, compressed to a touchable memories, coming back alive with each photo…  Blink of the eye in the history couldn’t hide the undeniable truth of its richness, intensity and lively energy penetrating everything around. It stares back at me in the faces of my family and friends, capturing the never ending dance of life.

 I watched my face and body going through the transformations of being a mom…gaining the weight and losing it again…just to start all over…my kids growing and changing from their  first day in the delivery room to the  pictures of graduation from high schools.  I learned something new yesterday…to appreciate my body even more... for being an amazing companion on this rollercoaster of unbelievable journey. The powerful force of the life itself, catapults us into the traveling the “worm hole” full of heart stopping experiences and speed. It would be trivial to say it again, how much I changed through that process …but I owe it  to express my gratitude for becoming who I am,  and allowing to take this class of life in the best school ever…

 My daughter sits next to me…carefully looking at the pictures and asking questions…her journey is just beginning, but in the sense, it’s been here forever…in  the continuation of the long line of the ancestors…grandmothers, great grandmothers and so on… The antique; black and white photos, showing family  in the  beautifully arranged poses …remind us  of the never ending story of seasons and change  which goes on…I try to  answer all of my daughter’s  questions the best I can…one day she may want  to answer them for someone else…We are just speckles of the dust but …nevertheless beautiful, when you see us from up close … As I touch my history, reminiscing about my past, I feel the close connection  to the time  beyond my living years…imagining the line of the family …I just learned more about , couple of days ago…dating to 1600s …full of incredibly colorful life, marked by patriotic acts for freedom and  independence, giving freely of themselves to higher causes and also living a  simple ,caring and humble life…Reading their stories,  I find not only the pride but also a peace, knowing  I am weaving my own one in the tapestry of the small and the  big human family. My fragile thread in that  fabric is the same but still different …its my own, but  wonderfully connected to everyone …small , but at the same time immensely big …limited but timeless…forgettable but not forgotten …painting our history one day at the time…one life to live …lets fill it with the meaning, purpose, beauty and love.



The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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