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Earlier today, I was writing few words about the meditation, seen through my eyes. I have been doing yoga for quite few years and the relaxing pose at the end of the practice became one of my favorites. Not only, because it marked the end of the session, full of stretching and strengthening poses… and my body was ready for well deserved rest, but because it offered undisturbed time with “me” part…

No guilt feelings of doing “nothing” or silent talks in my mind, rehearsing the daily schedule. Few minutes of undisturbed shavasanaam pose became a quiet adventure in the ultimate reality. I discovered my center to be so quiet and peaceful, that it even surprised me…I was always very active and talkative…and really liked that about me…Never imagined, there could be a part of me, which whispers along with my breathing, respecting the natural order of relaxed body, happy in just… being ….without thoughts or emotions….

It became very anticipated part of my yoga routine, the magic “pill” awakening me from the dream and working its “powers” into every day activities… The meditation had very positive…and interesting impact… I was slowly learning to recall that inside peacefulness, born out of meditation and bring it back, when the circumstances in my life became too stressful. The feeling of being a part of everything around, while meditating made me take a second look at the world, people and myself to see it from different perspective…and begin to embrace the idea of Oneness…

There is a lot of different types of meditation …all involving mindful  state of being in the moment without “trying too hard”, just pure awareness of existence in the most basic and simple form…concentrating on breathing or the object, a thought ( in praying) …end at the end …letting go  of that too…and just being in the moment.

I found the Mindfulness Meditation as a Buddhist practice very interesting. Surprised, that I have been doing it (at least some parts of it), even without realizing, as a self impose process of self discovery and growth in my awareness. The first step in mindfulness meditation is to ask yourself who you are…in your thoughts, emotions, and body… as in a process of self discovery. What are my beliefs, hopes, dreams, how my body reacts to different situations and when, why do I feel the strength of certain emotions at those moments? There is no judgment of right or wrong…good or bad…just acknowledgment of a state… With our focus on knowing, without need to change anything…just observing…

Mind is pliable, so… we can change it …taking responsibility for “its shape”. We can train it the way we wish to …if we don’t …someone else will…media, society, other people’s beliefs, advertisement…

It’s been said, that a good starting point in training our mind, is in kindness and compassion, learning how to be more forgiving, understanding, and gentler with others and ourselves. It may not be easy in the beginning …struggling with conflicts, ambition, anger or confusion...The meditation will be of great help… Once, we get better at it ...we can continue our spiritual growth …embracing…generosity, ethical virtues, courage…capacity to let go…

Central to Buddhist practice is the release of clinging… We all have a tendency to grasp tightly…certain emotions or ideas, self image, judgment, opinions, people, pleasures, possessions… By releasing clinging we can free our mind …or if you prefer our heart…to open it fully …finding peace and love.

I find that, idea of  Mindfulness Meditation is quite easy understandable by our western society…having the common ground with some of our philosophical schools and modern psychology….but not forgetting about including daily, simple meditation to ease the training of the mind.

Whichever meditation you will chose, one thing is for sure …you will benefit from it greatly…from lowering the stress to the growth in awareness. I believe, it will be an everyday “tool” of our future society….just hoping… it’s soon…maybe even tomorrow…




The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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