Coffee and Memories..135th Day 05-15

by Administrator 15. May 2011 03:37

The humming sound of a coffee maker had a pleasant, relaxed ring to it, reminding Alice of the Nana…her Siamese cat…softly purring, while cuddling in her lap. Nana was with her for as long as she could remember. She was her morning companion to the school bus, following in the safe distance; waiting for the bus and then casually strolling back home. Nana was more of the dog then a cat …or rather a cat with an attitude…She knew how to stand her ground, unafraid of even the largest dogs in the neighborhood. When Alice’s Mom brought her home, she was just a tiny kitten… Alice took care of her, feeding her and teaching to use a sandbox…She was very smart, learning fast, except for the sleeping part…Nana simply refused to sleep in her cozy bed … so, after few failed attempts and couple of sleepless nights…Alice gave up and let her into her bed. There she was to Alice’s head…tugging on a few strings of hair…purring and sleeping…

It was a slow day at the coffee shop… few regular customers and only couple of a new faces. Alice was always very polite but tried to keep the conversation to the minimum. The tall man with short and crispy haircut, meticulously dressed, ordered a large coffee with a double shot of an espresso...all while reading today’s paper. He was a regular …every day, sharp at 8:30 am he entered the shop...leaving a good tip but barely making an eye contact. Alice liked to play a guessing games… she was trying to imagine the lives of people entering the coffee shop. What were they doing for living, did they love somebody and did anyone love them back…? What kind of dreams they dreamed  of…Did they make a good friends, lovers….what were their passions, longings , fears and hopes…? Did they even noticed her…remembered her face or was she simply invisible?

She looked at the “clean cut” man and exclaimed in the polite, casual tone of the voice:

“Large house coffee with a double espresso” He reached for a cup with a serious look on his face and took it, without even looking at her.

“Have a great day sir and come back to see us” Alice stated a well recited response.

He started to walk toward the door …holding a coffee in one hand and morning newspaper in the other, when suddenly he turned around … and after watching her face for a moment, smiled …

“I will…come back… Thank you …” he stuttered a little, then paused as if thinking about something to say    and then quickly left….

Alice stood there watching the door, almost expecting to see him marching back…but the door remained closed and motionless. In a way …it was a perfect job …allowing her to think, while performing simple, repetitive tasks. She was asking a lot of questions these days…not regretting her decision to leave …just wondering …how did she get to that point? Where there any warning signs? Was she just blind or simply chose not to notice…preferring the illusion … Where was the point of no return? Did he ever loved her or was it just convenient for him? Would she ever know the answers to any of these questions…?

It was time to move on…but she felt as if she didn’t say her final goodbye …Isn’t she supposes to learn something from that….? What was the lesson? Not to play with the fire, because you are going to get burned..? Can she trust again???

She heard the sound of the bell, announcing someone coming to the shop. Alice looked at the clock...8:50 am…still early…  Two brightly dressed women approached her, immersed in their conversation, gesturing something and laughing in agreement.

“Good morning ladies….What can I get for you? “She asked smiling and trying to look friendly.

They were looking at the assortment of freshly baked scones and muffins…The one on the right, wearing a sporty tank top and black shorts smiled and looked at Alice.

“How are you?  Which one is your favorite?” she asked as she pointed her chin toward baked sweets.

Alice considered telling them …that she doesn’t eat those …but then remembered Margaret…raving about blueberry muffins…

“Blueberry muffins are good…if…someone likes blueberries…”  Jake loved blueberries…especially for breakfast with pancakes….She made them for him…whenever he asked for…

“Two blueberry muffins and two small house coffees” the friendly voice of a woman brought her back to the reality. She prepared coffee and muffins put them on the tray and walked to the outside, where two women were chatting and enjoying the early morning sun.

“Yes…I love Pilates …keeps me in shape” said the women, wearing the brightly pink polo shirt.

“It tones everywhere….”

Alice was wondering, if that’s how the guys see us…women…self obsessed with our looks…trying so hard to please and mold into the perfect package…? Alice….took a quick look at two women…both in their thirties, were looking healthy and fit…

“I wonder how they husbands look.”  She asked herself and imagined… big guys…shoving their faces with pizza and chips….with the clueless look…. saying “Love me for who I am…” Alice almost laughed… Yes …she tried too hard with Jake…to be perfect, desirable, loving and mysterious ….just thinking about it made her tired….

Next time she just want to be herself….she smiled and …whispered softly…”but who am I?”

To be continued…






The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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