ISE 3 Facebook Essay Contest; Finding Your Deep Creativity

by Administrator 27. May 2011 15:37

I don’t have any doubts that the key to a deeper creativity lays just beneath the surface of our logical, analytical, controlling part of the mind….  It’s readily available for us, if we learn to tap into it.  I have experienced that for the first time, when I was just a child. Overwhelmed with “grown up” problems with no place to turn for the answers, my writing became the wise friend …not only willing to listen but also, able to show the new perspective. Since then, I have become aware of an existence of the whole sea of wisdom and brilliance, quietly waiting to be explored…

What I’ve discovered on those days full of heartache, sorrow and difficult questions was that, if I tap into this ‘field of knowledge…wisdom”, I will get my answers …bringing not only new perspective but sense of peace and closing.

 As I started to write….full of uncertainty, confusion, lack of direction or guidance ….filled with  more questions than my   seven or eight year old body could handle, I began to fill the pages with words…sentences and ideas … expressing the perfect solutions….out of nowhere… the new  perception was born. My logical mind relaxed and the thoughts  were making its way to the paper… on its own, showing up in the long chain of scribbles.... forming an explanations and answers…

I watched my hand trying to keep up with the fast stream of thoughts…the sentences were forming one after another …in eager attempt to show on the paper… I knew when I was finished …the silence followed the internal symphony of the thoughts …the idea was born…

 Then, it was a time for me to read it  and understand it ….It always amazed me, how brilliantly simple the answer was…The solution, which didn’t exist  just thirty minutes ago, was in front of me in the form of a written word…How could I not see it before…?

  Simply, it was not available to me through my conscious mind…but the answer always presented itself after I let go of a need to form cohesive thoughts...  just being in the moment …no more than breathing, relaxing and allowing to become part of something ever-present …

 I suppose it was a “creative way” of a self therapy for a child, teenager and an adult. I never told anyone about my “funny way” of writing and the process of getting “my answers”….Sometime, especially well into my adults years it was not that easy to relax and let the process begin…had to learn to let go of the expectations or judgment and just learn to trust … that it will happen …but when it started to work, I knew immediately… feeling of being in the flow …

This feeling of connection to exactly what needs to be done , said, felt …was not limited to just writing…I found the similar state in other areas of the life…for example dancing… Never took any dancing classes until well past mature years…but fell in love with a dreamy flight, full of unsurpassed perfection between my body, space and music…. When I bypassed my mind and let my body feel the movement  on its own without any demands or plans…I became a dancer…feeling interplay between music,  my body and soul …traveling between   two worlds…the physical one and the one of emotions in perfect understanding…moving effortlessly and  harmoniously in agreement and clarity. This state…strangely  reminded me of writing…beyond my understanding, control….as if being the recipient  of the  touchable energy from somewhere else…Ballroom dancing holds a special place in my heart and soul…and on those occasions when I tap to the eternal dancer …I dance a little better…

 The idea of letting go of the  controlled action of our mind, relaxing and trusting the outcome, began to crystallize in my life  “experiments” …  suspecting of founding the “magic key”…helping us to expand and see beyond our self impose  barriers and limitations.

So… few days ago, looking at my news feed on the  Facebook,  I’ve  came across this contest…based on the article of Sally Kempton’s post on finding creativity through the  “three step process”. As I started to read it…I knew immediately … what she was showing to us… teaching one of the most valuable lessons in life… From my  experience …she is absolutely correct about ways to reach deep, in order to find the creativity  … I suppose everyone will do it a bit differently…letting go, bypassing the mind … tapping into …”collective conscience” …or the source...creative part …and beyond….  I suppose there is no right or wrong way to tap into our creative side.  As long as this will truly resonate with our inner self …inviting the vibrations of connections and openness… Meditation could be very useful for some people ( I came up with best answers during shavasanna) , a prayer …or simply being in the moment…

As I continue to write these days …a little bit…I am still amazed about the process… On some days …I will see  the “movie “of my short story… clearly playing in my mind …and I will just follow it...never knowing where it will lead me… I just write what I see…On other days the sentences jump impatiently to be put on the paper…not making much sense to me until later on…when my “wow” moment comes …and I begin to understand …what I am writing…and occasionally…the melodic sound of certain words makes its way in exactly that order…like a whispering…wooing me into this direction…

 I am just happy to realize…other people have similar experiences …nothing strange about it…a powerful shortcut to expressing yourself through creativity of any kind…  Because at the end…the many forms of creativity are just many languages of one and the same process of expression: of who we are in the Universe…

Allowing our unique print to surface, letting our “talk” with the Universe to continue …Creativity is and always will be…finding its way into our heart and mind….. What, if we can make it easier by following those three steps….and be creative anytime we want to…what an exciting journey…

 We are being born again and again through our creativity, forming meaningful connections with everything around… Creativity reminds me of a lighted candle carried by us in the surrounding darkness and showing the path… It’s a beating heart… getting stronger as we become an active expression of life…as it feeds us with an ideas or thoughts expressed through various arts forms  or even a science...  Through our creativity, we breathe the life back into that energy of creation, being a part  in the  perpetum mobile…of life itself….



The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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