The Basement..90th Day 03-31

by Administrator 31. March 2011 23:29

The sound of the music was making its way to Jim’s awareness….” Where is it coming from..?...Did Marie leave the radio on…? What time it is?” he started wondering. The pain on the right side of his head was becoming more obvious…he opened his eyes and touched his head …there was a slight swelling and something sticky in his hair…he looked at his hand …it looked like a blood…he was hurt… The memories started emerging, he realized the last thing he rememberd, it was driving his car to the garage …with someone sitting next to him and pointing a gun. Then…everything went blank…he must have been hit on the head….loosing conscious. Jim focused his eyes…there was a flight of stairs leading upstairs toward the closed doors with a bright light sneaking from underneath it. He was lying on the floor; the room was practically empty…except for few boxes in the corner, no visible windows…he was in the basement. Jim stood up…. he felt slightly lightheaded, turned around checking the other side…just empty walls…the music stopped playing and the door opened wide. “I see you are awake…very good ...We need your help “the voice belonging to a man, sarcastically accentuated the last world “help”. “ Bring him upstairs “he exclaimed and walked away. The silhouette of the tall , well build man appeared at the top of the stairs and was making its way toward Jim…”Stand back” he shouted and pointed gun at Jim.  “Walk” he insisted as he stood behind the Jim, pushing him toward the staircase. Jim started climbing the steep staircase…the gun was poking him at the ribs …” Take it easy…” he exclaimed “I am unarmed” …”Walk…don’t talk “man behind him was not ready for any conversation. Jim reached the top of the staircase, closing his eyes slightly from the very bright light inside the room. There was an oval, kitchen table in the middle with one chair pulled away…”Sit down “ the voice belonging to a man with a cold eyes and a cynical smile commanded in the sharp tone. Jim sat down at the table …and looked up at the man. He was about thirty years old with receding hair line, sharp chin and yellowish skin. “ Well …Jim…I thought we had an understanding…you were going to help us ….very disappointing….very….especially because we were quite generous with you…” he enounced . Jim heard the footsteps behind him, belonging to other man …coming closer… “Yes…I wouldn’t go back on my word….I just …don’t have it yet…” Jim spoke in a quick manner.  The hit came unexpectedly from the left side; throwing him of the chair…he was on the floor….” We don’t have time for that ...need it now …or your lovely daughter may…find out few more things about a real world…” the man across the table expressed in a calm voice.  The tall man behind the Jim grabbed him by his shoulders and put him back in the chair… “ I am sorry….I just wanted to make sure…it is working well…Its finished ….I have it at work…just need to get it from the office…” Jim explained. “At your office ..? Are you sure..? “The sharp look of the man in front was examining him“ Yes !” Jim assured him. “Is it with your erased files and the cleaned up desk in the office…? You think we don’t know….we know everything about you…that’s why we choose you for that…” the man smiled ironically…. Jim felt the tip of the gun pointing at the base of his head…he felt the heat coming all over his body and begin to sweat…. “I have it…all right…I have it….in the safe place…just, as I promised…” he called out. ” Where is it?”  Man carefully inspected Jim’s face. ” It’s in the safe at the bank….I can get it…when it opens...tomorrow…”  Jim eagerly awaited the response… The man walked up to Jim and looked at his face from up close….he smiled and then waved to the other man with the gun “ take him downstairs and give him some food”….Jim felt the heavy hand on his shoulder, got up and walked toward the basement door. He started stepping down but just before the door closed the man asking all the questions exclaimed…” You don’t mind if we go to your home and check …maybe you forgot…and left it there…”The door shot quickly, leaving Jim in a complete darkness….






The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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