Remembering Tiger 51st Day 02-20

by Administrator 20. February 2011 02:54


Since I was a child, I was compelled to take care of homeless, hungry or hurt pets. At certain times my apartment looked like a pet hospital. No…I didn’t know much about medicine but somehow, I was able to nurse them back to health. Sometimes it was just food, shelter and cleaning up; on the other occasions, help with minor sprains…remember immobilizing their paw with a bandage ….I can only hope, I made them a little better…or at least stronger before they left….Dogs were always my ‘first choice” until one day, destiny brought a cat into my life…

I was driving my car in the close proximity to the wooded area, surrounded by lots of small farms. As I approached the stop sign following the narrow road, I’ve notice something moving on the ground. I made a complete stop, took a second look and decided there is something alive.

 Quick glance in the back mirror confirmed the honking sound from the car behind me. Opted to make a run for it  despite angry gesticulation of the other driver.  I opened the door and jump out as fast as I could, hearing shouting and cursing…made my way to a stop sign and grab a little “ furry ball” of  wiggling life. Run back, put the living “creature “next to me on the passenger seat and started the motor, without moment of a hesitation….fearing for my own “safety”… from other drivers…. The first chance, I was able to take a closer look at the crying passenger ….I was simply speechless… It was a very young kitten, sorry looking, extremely thin and covered with mud. He was expressing his unhappiness in a high pitch voice, looking at me for help. The only food I had with me  in the car, was the dry piece of the sweet bread ,which he started eating , as if his life depended on it….My heart was crushed…never seen other animal in such a desperate condition…

  Stopped at the store, got him some food and started heading back home. When I picked him up …his coat of hair was “alive” …with…various insects…literally eating him alive….You have to know….I was a tomboy…but bugs were not my specialty…immensely disliked them…. There was not much time…have to act fast…got the shampoo and holding him in the palm of my hand put him under running water….he must of know, I was helping him…because didn’t even move ….gave his body to me, without one sound.  In the matter of seconds all of his “roommates” started crawling up toward my arm…..which…to me look as it was turning dark…Needless to say…don’t have a fear of crawling bugs anymore …just prefer not to share the space with them…..

In the end, I was able to save him and he was growing fast… It became obvious, his mom was not the “city girl”… in the best, more of the farm, fearless hunter on the wild side….Tiger...that was his name ….was strong , big, full of energy and a restless spirit using his sharp claws to climb everywhere in the matter of a seconds. He was like a torpedo, coming at you with the speed of life ...scratching everything in the side …except us….I honestly don’t know how he was able to control it so well…we all should be shredded to the pieces…but he was the most gentle with us, as he could be…Running wild and crazy, jumping to the side, playing hunting games…stopped in the flash in front of your face …and melted down to softness and tenderness…

When I moved to my own apartment, he moved with me, as my companion and the only roommate. One of the winter nights was very cold, and I’ve decided to use portable heater to warm up my bedroom.   I tightly shut the door to the other room, bundled up in a few extra blankets and slowly drifted to sleep. I was woken up by the Tiger, ferociously scratching my head in the desperate attempt to wake me up…

The room was filled with the smoke…he didn’t stop pulling at my hair until, I got up and made my way to the door, opening them wide….I was barely aware of what was happening ….beginning to cough, I made my way to the other room opening windows and taking few breaths of cold , winter air… I rushed back to my bedroom, unplug the portable heater ,grabbed the smoldering blanket,  threw it into the bathroom tub ,under the running water and opened the windows in my bedrooms… all, in a matter…of seconds….

Apparently…I positioned the heater to close to my blanket…and that…caused smoldering action….I would never wake up without his intervention….judging from his intensity …it was not an easy job…I was soundly asleep….He saved me….. gave me back …what I, gave him before….. Life …Sometimes it works in the strangest ways…

Sort of pay it forward example… because you never know, who is crossing your life path and why…One action leads to another…seemingly not connected…but occasionally orchestrated in the most profound way… We make choices every day, the one which dramatically may affect us in the future…. resulting in  coincidences , seemingly  unrelated occurrences, all weaving the fabric of our life, interconnecting and creating possibilities of different scenarios …..We can’t plan or predict everything…too many unknown vectors… but we may let, our inner voice guide us…

I was not searching for anything particular on the day, when I found Tiger …it was a moment of instinctual decision, telling me to do something, I have never done before….Someone my say, life is a strange game of a chance and he would be probably right….but I also say, give this chance a “life” …don’t walk away…thinking you can’t make a difference..because it is too small of the act  to change anything…there are no small acts out of love and kindness, which are left without any impact….we are all connected and we all, can make a difference. We will never know where it can lead us…my guess is, It could surprise us… Next time you help someone, not expecting anything in return …maybe he will do the same to somebody else …and it will keep on growing, branching out, changing things for better, making a big difference out of minute beginning….we never know unless we try…..





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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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