Fire up....36th Day 02-04

by Administrator 5. February 2011 03:29


Today was a birthday of my friend…we went dancing and had a few drinks. Too many for me…J ….hot tea in my hand…..As I watched couples dance …I realized it’s not about the skills but connection and emotions. I like to feel …with them…when they dance…it makes me happy inside… the love, friendship, togetherness….is alive. Sharing your private moments in a “social” space is brave and lovely at the same time. We are hungry for authenticity…because we were design to distinguish between “plastic”…make believe and the real thing, that touches our heart. Have you ever notice those couples on the floor…having so much fun, that it’s contagious…the energy seems to be bursting around them, mistakes are irreverent, the aura is bright and happy.

  Not only with dancing…anything else you put your heart in…passion … emotions become real.

Being passionate about something in life is a single, most important aspect of feeling alive. Love to see it in someone’s eyes…life and energy bursting with excitement, persuasion, conviction of the goal, road taken, point of view… I am the incurable romantic with dreams and hopes paving the way of my life. So, what is passion after all?

Is it just purely emotions, conviction or curiosity and focus too…? I think….all is needed…one feeds and supports another. To live your life passionately is the best “plan out there”. The burning fire of excitement for “the project” is highly contagious, showing us, some things are worth “fighting for”, life doesn’t have to be dull and magic can be discovered in every waking hour.

I was always drawn to the individuals, who had that “passion quality”….sizzling around. To be able to see world through their eyes, from different perspective was priceless. The new dimension opened up …world of senses and someone else’s points of view….Our “vocabulary” felt short, we were speechless and overwhelmed by new perspective.

One may speculate that passion is the feeling caring a lot of energy with, or generating it….  I’ve done a lot of projects …some silly, such as setting up the tropical fish tank….some more profound, as raising my kids. The energy needed to fully enjoy it, to continue with the endeavor couldn’t appear out of nowhere ….it’s the thought, which morphed to emotion and then to action full of “bubbles “of excitement. It’s the connection to our spirit, knowing you are on the right path, expanding to create “more of “you” element”.

I learned to recognize the “tingling sensation “which tells me …I want to experience this…learn from it, find my own approach or definition, make a part of my life history. I truly believe the “vibration” of the passion is very recognizable for us humans, even if it’s only in subconscious. That’s how dancing feels to me all the time…it’s like “drug”, pain killer, mood enhancer and energy buster…The bubbles bursts to the top with no place to escape ,take on the movement and spill to emotions. Tingling  with happy sensation of being fully alive and receptive for connection.

My daughter plays piano...just by watching her, I see a lot of similarities….she breathes and moves  with the music , expressing it and becoming "one" , emotions fill the room becoming inseparable from sounds…the energy vibrates, stirring life in our bodies and making the union between player and listener by connection through the music.

Watching the visual arts object, we transform colors to feelings and then, to responses from our body. We may experience happiness, sadness, surprise, relaxation, joy or love just by letting it speak to us in a language not confined to words. Our perception is more instinctual then logical, and our reactions are triggered by emotions and passion….

You can be the source of passionate perception of the world or someone else whose “fire” is burning loud and clear, maybe the energy of movement, sound, touch ….in the art form ….never less is always the same…making the powerful impact, exploding with elements, which can’t be control or contained…soaring right to the heart ….letting it beat faster, making you feel alive.

Passion is the highly combustible element , which creates the life, feeds it, and makes the “world turn around”…It can be found practically everywhere…because it’s our “Big Bang” of human world….the recipe for feeling alive, happy and in process of becoming….



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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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