White Daises 59th Day 02-28

by Administrator 28. February 2011 06:50

The sounds of the bird’s songs were coming from all around the park…She closed her eyes and listened to that beautiful conversation, trying to distinguish different voices. They were very talkative today, announcing spring, warm weather and the new beginnings. Julia was feeling relax and sleepy, the warm April sun was promising even warmer summer. She opened her eyes slightly and tilted her head to the back.  The green “amphitheater” of assorted trees reminded her of the cozy umbrella, protecting everyone and creating the magic world. She took a deep breath, feeling very peaceful and content. The cheerfully playful sun rays were shimmering through the branches of the trees.  Julia felt caressed by their touch and ready to forget about the real world….

 She was wondering, how would it feel to be a bird… free and happy… busy following the nature’s call  and announcing the everlasting song of spring and life…Julia wanted to be one of  them today….”Maybe in the next life time”, she thought and smiled at the vision of her, flying through the air….  She whistled quietly, trying to imitate one of the songs… then whistled again, a little louder, curiously awaiting the familiar sound …After a short moment, she heard him again …answering….her call… She imitated his call again, trying to remember the melody and the rhythm … This time the answer came loud and clear, in the form of distinctive pattern of high and low sounds with variations in length and intensity ….she was “talking” with one of them… ”Pretty cool”  she thought to herself… “Now they know, I am here”…

Just then, she felt a slight movement to the bench, occupied by her and someone’s voice announcing “You don’t mind if I sit here for a moment…Do you?” Julia turned her head lazily to the left, toward the source of the voice and fully opened her eyes. Next to her was sitting a woman, probably in her late sixties, holding in her hand a bag full of groceries. She was breathing with difficulty, looking tired or sick…Julia raised her body slightly, adjusting to sit up nice and straight, then smiled and said “Of course not, it would be my pleasure”. She scooped to the right, making more room next to her and pointing at the shopping bag, making an inviting gesture..” would you like to put your bag here?” she asked politely. The woman didn’t answer but placed the bag between both of them, trying to catch the breath… “Thank you…” she whispered, after a long pause. Julia looked at her cautiously, trying to assert the situation…”Can I help you…are you feeling all right?” she asked in the concern voice.  The woman turned her head to the right, looked at the Julia and after a long stare into her eyes she exclaimed “Don’t worry sweetie…its normal these days…I just need to rest for a moment” The silence fell between them, accentuating the stillness of the moment…Julia could still hear the heavy breathing but it seems to her, it was slowing down and normalizing… The woman took few more deep breaths and announced firmly “A little better….it goes away after a while…I am not suppose to do anything strenuous …I used to be able to walk with couple of those bags, not feeling tired, one bit …but now it’s a different story…”She looked at the Julia and with the serious expression on her face announced “You are too young to know how it feels…don’t ever get old ….How old are you?... twenty…?”  Julia nodded her head …”Almost,…few more months …” “So,…. Nineteen “the woman exclaimed slowly, as if she was thinking about something… “You are a Libra…aren’t you?”  Julia’s face couldn’t hide a surprised expression  “How did you know?  She asked, looking intensely at the women….

“I just know things…had a feeling about that…” she muttered… Julia smiled to herself; sometimes she had dreams…about things…which would happen…later … sort of strange coincidence…   She knew, it’s not always possible to find an easy explanation….. It was time for her to go…Julia was postponing today’s meeting, as much as she could…but she already wasted half of the day and apparently there was no escape from reality….  She quickly made a decision to get it over with ….no more second thoughts.. .

“I have to go”…she announced decisively …” Are you going to be all right” she asked…The woman was looking at her, as if trying to decide …” I have a favor to ask you” the woman finally spoke…” Can you help me with this bag…I live just few minutes away…it’s not going to take long…I don’t feel very well”.  Julia was not ready for that…but after a moment of hesitation she agreed and picked up the grocery bag asking  “Which way…? It isn’t too far, is it?  Because …I have to be somewhere…” The woman didn’t responded but started walking faster, than Julia was expecting, leading her to the house…

Julia was following the woman, who was moving quickly and effortlessly… ”Maybe that bag was too heavy for her or maybe she just needed to rest….” Julia thought to herself. She didn’t mind helping, always ready to be a friend to someone in need. Actually she was glad for that little detour...she will call him…right after …. They knew each other for about four years and were always great friends but started dating six months ago… He was her first serious boyfriend…she even thought they might get married, one day….Now everything changed…she wouldn’t want to…anymore… Last week seemed as a bad dream...how funny it is to assume we know someone until…something happens…and we are left speechless and confused… She couldn’t even imagine not having this baby…but she was hoping, he would feel the same…she was wrong… Julia felt her eyes filling up with tears and she felt very lonely and sad… He didn’t want to be a father… “It’s not good time” he said with full conviction… "maybe later on"… but now..... he had plans for the future… Julia was listening to him with her heart sinking into despair…she thought, she knew him well….

Today she needs to meet him and tell him about her plans….She made a decision to have this baby….that’s the only way she can ever go on….  He already told her that, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with that …she will be on her own…

The women stopped suddenly and turned around, facing Julia…  ”It’s here “ she said…looking unsure…  ” Here we go “  Julia handed her a grocery bag…  ”Why don’t you come for a short visit …I live by myself…have some good homemade cookies…”    "No”   Julia answered   "I really have to go now”….

”I just wanted to give you something…just to say thank you…you were more than kind to me…”,    women exclaimed.  Julia wasn’t sure… she has to call him now…she sighted heavily… The women took her by her hand and lead her  to her house….Julia felt as if all energy left her , suddenly she felt very tired…she just wanted to sit down and rest… The house was full of old books, lots of knickknacks, peculiar paintings on the walls and type of cards ...she saw for the first time….Before she knew it, she had a cup of hot tea on the table in front of her, giving strange aroma…”Drink it”,  the woman said  "You will feel better"… Julia looked at her and could swear, she didn’t look that old anymore…maybe that was the lighting in this room…She took a sip of a hot tea and was surprised how good it tasted to her…she thought of a summer time, full of laughter, friends and smell of the daisies…All of sudden, she felt as a heavy load was lifted from her back…The woman was tossing the strange looking cards in her hands and then putting them, one by one on the table…watching intensely…and mumbling something to herself…Julia felt very sleepy and she thought, she can close her eyes just for a moment…her lids were very heavy….

She was in the beautiful garden, full of flowers and herbs…feeling free and light ….holding a small bouquet of white daises…her favorite flowers…as she was walking through the garden, she was picking up few more daises and wondering if there is anything more innocent, fresh and unassuming… she loved everything about them… Then, she heard someone’s voice from behind, calling her and she noticed a little girl walking toward her…waving her hand …The little girl was very pretty, smiling and holding something …It was head band wreath, made  out of the daises…Julia notice the same one on the girls head… They were standing in front of each other….The little girl kept smiling, as she handed her the daisy wreath …..Julia put it on her head and looked at the direction, the little girl was pointing to…The large mirror appeared out of nowhere and Julia could see both of them in the same white dresses and wreaths, made out of white daises…She knew at this moment, it’s the picture of mom and a daughter….Julia smiled in delight and felt immensely happy…..

Julia had the feeling, she was asleep for awhile…in front of her, woman was looking at the cards…as if the time didn’t pass at all…maybe she just imagined sleeping. She felt light and rested, smiled at the woman and asked  “What is in my future?”  The woman just nodded with a smile and said  “I see everything good for you…you will have a wonderful life…follow your heart…”. Julia looked at the watch...it was getting late…but she really didn’t have any plans for today…it was a beautiful day in the park and made her feel rested and happy… She remembered she needs to go home, to talk to her parents about her decision to have her baby….she was convinced she wanted it more, than anything else in the world…just the thought of it, made her happy…She got up and started walking toward the door …” Nice meeting you…thank you for the tea”  she said…and started leaving…  ”Aren’t you forgetting something?”  the woman asked…Julie turned around …there was a wreath of white daises on the table…her favorite flowers…It reminded her of something…but she couldn’t remember of what….As she picked it up, it made her smile …she put it on her head and as she was leaving the room, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror….she could swear, she looked just like a little girl…...




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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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