Name Day - Day 20

by Administrator 20. January 2011 01:14

Name Day is an old European tradition.

 Every day of the year has assigned one or two different names. This custom originated with Catholic and Orthodox calendar of saints. Each country has a little bit different tradition to celebrate it, but mostly it involves gathering and socializing of friends and family, as well as giving gifts and flowers.

The name I was given at birth was Agnieszka ( Agnes – English version). St.Agnes (Swieta Agnieszka) is the patron saint of young girls and children and it means pure, holy in Greek and lamb in Latin.

I don’t celebrate it, in a big way anymore…at least not in the usual European way…I still acknowledge 21of January as my Name Day but I don’t organize party at my home  or invite quests. My best friend from childhood years just send me best wishes …because of tomorrow.. Glad she remembered ( lives in Europe – Sweden)… This year, somehow it almost escaped my attention…


It is very important to celebrate life’s special moments, milestones, birthdays, weddings, graduations, holidays and more…not because of this extra attention given to that person or gifts received… but because it shows that someone cares. It’s like saying “I see you”,"we are connected”, "your existence holds a special meaning for me".

 Just spending some time together …sharing few laughs, good homemade meal and “a bottle of wine “…is all it takes. I remember how much fun I had with my kids “making” gifts for their dad. On one occasion, we decorated plain t-shirt with real life handprints of my kids…Always liked looking at that …as if snapshot of a tiny moment in time was “caught” forever. I can only hope my kids learned the lesson, that it is not superficial and pointless to celebrate life “little moments”, after all life itself is a constant string of events bearing different weight of importance, and it is up to us, highlights the one we observe as a special.


Words could be very powerful, since they contain not only the meaning but also an emotional message. I loved my name “ Agnieszka”, when I was growing up. The feeling of it was light , playful and at the same time romantic and full of mystery, well that’s my version…I identified a lot with it and was grateful to my Mom for that choice ( my father wanted different name). When I moved here …no one could pronounce it, without difficulties so, I changed it to the English version, Agnes.

 Couldn’t get use to it for the long time. Agnes was rigid, punctual, precise and not very imaginative in my mind, not my “first choice” of relating and embracing it. Didn’t like it at first….especially the comments and reaction, I’ve got from some people such as: “Agnes of God” or ”my old aunt Agnes”….I was just 24 years old then. But somewhere along the way, something strange happened. We became friends J  I’ve decided to change the perception of the name, at least for me. Fill it up with my own meaning, “dress it in my own colors” …give it a “new spin”…

 Now I like both of the names, something tells me, it has a lot to do with accepting two, very different roles in my life.

 One as young, romantic girl from Poland, student …at the beginning of the life journey and other,  Agnes..Mom of four, more confident, grounded, balanced and wise. We all, have at least couple of different representations of ourselves, contained in collage of identity, due to the roles we are taking in life.

I will celebrate after all my Name Day …it will never happen again on 21st of January 2011….Maybe I will cook something special and share it with my family and friends or maybe I will just look back at the road I traveled and feel grateful to be here at this moment , just the way I am…

Happy Name Day  to all Agnieszka , Agnes, Inez, Asenka, Agnesa, Assuncao, Anissa, Agneta, Neza, Aune, Annis …all over the world…!!!!

If anyone is interested in finding your Name Day it’s very easy: go to (or any other similar site through search engine) and start the new tradition, by all means

 Celebrate !!!!


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