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It’s been already twenty days since I’ve started writing “the blog” or one may say my daily dosage of “shameless” talking without any interruptions…

The question of why, has been in the back of my mind, not ready to be answered, because I haven’t found it that important at the moment. My inner conviction of “just writing” every day, paired with an excitement to fill up the page with words, making its way to sentences and arriving at thoughts and ideas was self explanatory.

Talking and writing was always a way for me to feel alive, connected and engaged. I suppose the act of defining my emotions by putting them into the words and making them understandable and cohesive was necessary to formulate clearer view of myself.  Why is it so important to learn about ourselves and our connection to the world around us?  Is it because it gives us a meaning to everyday existence?  Would it be unbearable to be content with and accepting, only physical aspect of our lives?

  I do strongly agree, we are spiritual beings living in a physical world and our intelligence and imagination helps us see that. Also our ability to be creative is the way of freeing ourselves and finding spirituality.  

Since I was ...maybe seven or eight, I tried to find a different perspective at looking at everyday problems. My parents divorced but not “peacefully” and my Mom suffered from periodic bouts of depressions. She was very strong, smart and spirited  woman never less couldn’t find the way out of the emotional labyrinth. I had to grow up fast and be the support she needed. At times it was too demanding for my age and I had to find the  ways to cope with it.  When I look back, I can fully appreciate wisdom and resilience of our human spirit… and ability to look for the answers.

 I remember one of my first “discovered” techniques on how to forget about problems and find the peace. I used to go on the long walks, when I had too many “heavy thoughts” on my eight or maybe twelve year old mind. Problems felt humongous with no hope for answers.…As I kept walking, I looked at the people around me and I imagined they were too, not without any difficult issues, then I pictured all the people from around the world facing, maybe even bigger heartaches then me….My own “problem “just got much smaller already…then I looked at the sky, reflecting on the fact how big is our Solar System…Milky Way…Universe…. And by the time I reached that far …I didn’t feel sad or upset anymore…It was all in the perspective….from far away, my “problems” disappeared …I understood, they are more important things surrounding us.  Even now, I still use similar “technique”….to apply right perspective and importance of the issues.

  Writing, was another way for me to find the answers…as I started to write, having only unanswered questions, as the time went by ...I’ve watched with surprise, long thoughts leading me to something,  I couldn’t foresee before…ideas and resolutions and consolation.

After graduating from High School, decision to study psychology was almost the obvious choice. I was always interested in the field of alternative therapies …especially what is called Art Therapies. It could be dance therapy, color therapy, music therapy … in other words, activities taping into our creative part. They help to express an emotions, resolve conflicts and also find spiritual connection with the world around us.  You don’t have to be an “artist” to express yourself through the media. As an example in art therapy, you may choose to use paints, charcoal, clay…and access the aspect of yourself, beyond conscious awareness through language of universal symbols.

The link between music and healing has been recognized for a long time. Certain sounds evoke specific emotional states in us and can help us not only to relax but feel more spiritual. favorite is pure emotion in motion…I solved some of my real life problems on the dance floor, just by understanding the fact that your body is as much physical as an emotional…and it will “speak”….of issues and experiences. One feeds another…can’t separate mind, body and spirit…and if you try “your message” as a dancer will be superficial.

All experiences from early years on, led me to become very optimistic, spiritual and solution solving individual. I believe there is always an answer to our problems and you have a choice of going toward “light” and making the best you can in any given situation or “giving up”….The second option is not an option at all ... its stepping away from life ( which always wants to create) and slowly diminishing…

To be able to help someone to see that, and help them to find the way is always very important to me… I know from my own experience it’s easy to get lost.  So …maybe after all that’s why I like to write and why I am giving voice to myself…have a feeling it will help me as much as maybe somebody else.


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The Little Prince

"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."








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